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Swagger Episode 6 release date, time and spoilers

November 12, 2021

Things have taken a dark turn and Swagger continues to haunt the chaotic world of youth basketball and the teenagers that make up its beating heart. In Episode 5, Jace is distracted from basketball for the first time when a new player joins the team. The episode ends on a hectic note, and the next chapter will be a crucial one in Jace’s story. If you’re curious to see what’s next, you’re in luck. Here’s everything we know about Swagger episode 6.

Swagger Episode 6 release date

Episode 6 of Swagger will open on November 19, 2021 at 3 a.m. Apple TV + broadcast. The first three episodes were released simultaneously on October 29, 2021, and the subsequent episodes of the sports drama series will be released every Friday until the season finale on December 17, 2021. Season 1 comprises a total of 10 one-hour episodes.

Where to stream Swagger Episode 6 online

‘Swagger’ episode 6 will be available exclusively on the Apple streaming platform Apple TV +. All new episodes as well as already published episodes are available via the streaming service. Apple TV + also offers a 7-day free trial to try out the series.

Swagger Episode 6 spoilers

Episode 6 is titled All on the Line and takes place immediately after the serious crime committed by Jace and his friends. With Musa’s face apparently on camera while the boys are beating up Crystal’s basketball coach, they’ll likely be in serious trouble in the upcoming episode. This will have a massive impact on Ike’s basketball team as well, as all of the boys involved in the crime are on his team. There is also little hope that Crystal’s child molester coach will finally be brought to justice.

Nick’s spot on the Swagger DMV roster is also uncertain, and the upcoming episode may reveal whether the star high school athlete will decide to stay with Ike or return to his old team. Here, too, Nick’s decision will have a massive impact on the team. It’s also possible that Nick will take his place as Swagger DMV’s star player since Jace is sick after his arrest. However, it seems unlikely that Jace’s mother, Jenna, will allow this to happen.

Swagger Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 is titled 24 Hour Person and begins with Crystal finally revealing to Jace that her trainer has molested her and touched her inappropriately several times, which is why she now avoids going to training. Jace is furious, but Crystal makes him promise that he won’t reveal what happened. Things get even more stressful when the young basketball player finds out Nick has joined the team and repeatedly tries to belittle him, upset Ike.

After training, Jace asks some of his teammates for help and tells them not to ask what his motives are. You agree, and the group makes their way to a nearby sports center. There they intercept Crystal’s basketball coach and violently attack him. In the subsequent scuffle, however, Musa’s mask slips, and the episode ends with the revelation that a surveillance camera has recorded the deed of the boys.