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Suzy’s ‘Anna’ is now facing huge controversy for allegedly showing that China only manufactures counterfeit products

July 1, 2022

Suzy’s new coupang play drama Anna is currently facing a major controversy with Chinese netizers over allegedly the country only making fake products. However, the series is reportedly based on a true story that made headlines in South Korea in 2006.

The scene in question was in Episode 2 of Anna, where Suzy’s character, Yumi, went to a thrift designer store to sell a watch she had been given. However, the store clerk told her the piece was worthless and even made headlines for being fake.

Didn’t you know? This watch was made in China, but they called it ‘Swiss Made’ because they had a Swiss nail in the watch, said the clerk on the show. The watch was supposed to sell for KRW 8 million, or more than $6,000, but it cost only KRW 100,000, or more than $70, to make.

From then on, the term Suzy’s new drama ‘Anna’ controversy became the number one trend on China’s social media platform Weibo on Thursday, June 30th. Chinese netizens expressed their anger as the drama seemed to imply that all Chinese-made products are fake, so Koreaboo.

One fan said Koreans’ altruism is only as big as their country. Others said the K-drama has become unbearable and has no market in China; therefore they might say bad things about the country.

Some are disappointed in Suzy for doing this scene, although many defend it, saying she’s just playing her part.

AllKpop noted that the scene in Anna was based on a real-life incident involving Vincent & Co. that caused a major controversy in South Korea in 2006. The brand in question sold cheaply made watches that used parts made in China but looked like a luxury brand used by European royal families.

The brand quickly gained notoriety among the wealthy class and second-generation chaebols, but it was revealed that the watches used only Chinese-made parts that were assembled in Switzerland to earn the Swiss Made designation.

The brand would then re-import the watches and sell them as high-end Swiss-made luxury watches. Anna made sure to reveal the brand of the watch to show that it was based on the Vincent & Co. controversy.

Elsewhere, Korean netizens retaliated against Chinese netizens for illegally watching Anna, knowing that the series was only officially distributed in South Korea and could only be viewed via Coupang Play. However, the channel had no plans to do anything about it as the series is currently only airing in South Korea.