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Suzy talks about the psychological challenge of playing two roles in the new Coupang Play series ‘Anna’

June 23, 2022

Fans will get to see a different Suzy in the upcoming Coupang Play original drama Anna. In a press conference, the 27-year-old star opened up about her two roles on the show, from the script to how she makes her characters believable.

Anna follows the story of a woman who, after telling a little lie, starts living someone else’s life. Directed by Lee Joo Young, it also stars Suzy, Jung Eun Chae, Kim Jun Han and others.

Speaking about the new show, the former Miss A member revealed the script is as much fun as AllKpop reported. She had a lot of describable feelings when she started reading it and felt bad for Yumi, although she felt for her too.

The actress hoped her lies would never be exposed, which is why she was dying to play the role. This character is so charming and is a character I want to play as an actress, she said.

Since Suzy is playing two roles, she revealed that she consulted a psychological expert to perfectly portray the different characters of Yumi and Anna. This helped her express Anna’s concerns in detail after becoming her.

In her role as Yumi, she admitted that she was a bit conflicted, but still decided to take on the challenge, eh IndiaToday reported. She decided to accept the role so fans could see a new side of her — one she’d never shown before.

However, she felt burdened because she could not play the role well and feared that many people might not relate to her. But she was kind of confident that she could do it because she lived by her character’s words that she would do anything she set her mind to.

In the series, Yumi is a woman who is filled with desire. Suzy will play this role from her teens through her 30s, later morphing into Anna.

In the transformation, the singer will show the psychological changes she has gone through, from being the bright Yumi during her school days to being Anna. She changes the look in her eyes and her demeanor to effectively portray her character’s transformation into another person.

Suzy will be accompanied by Jung Eun Chae, who will play the role of rich and elegant Hyun Joo, who has a perfect life, so KDramaStars. She is the daughter of Yumi’s boss who just returned to Korea after studying abroad.

Kim Joon Han will star in the series as Yumi’s ambitious husband Ji Hoon and Park Ye Joung as Yumi’s best friend Ji Won. Fans will finally see Suzy as Yumi and Anna in the premiere of Anna on Friday, June 24th on Coupang Play.