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Suzy Bae returns to screens with a woman with two different lives in Anna

June 3, 2022

Suzy Bae is finally returning to the small screen after two years. The fan-favorite K-Drama star will undergo a dramatic transformation in the new Coupang Play series Anna.

Coupang Play has got its first look at the South Korean star, who plays two characters in Anna. It looks like fans will get to see a different Suzy Bae this time around.

In the first teaser, the 27-year-old’s voice could be heard in the background as she narrated: People lie even in diaries that are only for their own eyes. Then she introduced a woman named Yoo Mi.

Yoo Mi has a pretty simple life. She lives in a run-down one-bedroom apartment and works several part-time jobs to make ends meet.

Then she introduces Anna, who lives a life of luxury. She belongs to the upper class of society, attends private events and more.

These two characters only have one face, both played by Suzy Bae. How does this happen? AllKpop has found that it all starts with a woman telling a single lie that leads to her leading two different lives.

soompi adding that Yoo Mi is the one who tells the little lie that makes her live an untrue life. On the official poster of Anna, she looks so elegant and seductive, but she has a mysterious expression on her face.

The image also shows their different faces appearing as afterimages in the background. This strategic placement of the images suggests that Suzy Bae will present a three-dimensional spectacle.

A name I want, a life I want to steal read the text on the poster. Alongside the Vagabond star, Park Ye Young will also star in the series.

Kim Jun-han will also star in the series as Yoo Mi’s ambitious husband, Ji Hun, and Jung Eun Chae as Hyun Joo, who has everything in life and has always been on top of everyone. Anna will be Coupang Play’s second original series after One Ordinary Day.

Anna is based on the bestselling novel Intimate Stranger by Jung Han Ah. It is directed by Lee Joo Young and will premiere on June 24 at 8pm KST on Coupang Play.

Meanwhile, Suzy Bae not only returned to screens, but also made her debut appearance on a South Korean talk show and live music show, Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, as pinkvilla reported. This marked her return to the stage after a long hiatus.

As expected, fans were ecstatic when they heard the news. This also coincided with the release of her comeback song Satellite after Suzy Bae went on hiatus for four years.