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Super Crooks Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

November 26, 2021

Based on a limited series of graphic novels written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu, Super Crooks is a superhero robbery anime. The story follows Johnny Bolt, a little super villain who dreams of fortune and fame. He originally hoped to become a superhero, but later discovered that he was pretty good at committing crimes. After he was last released from prison, Johnny and his girlfriend Kasey are approached by Kasey’s mentor, The Heat, who offers them the opportunity to take part in a robbery of the headquarters of the superhero organization Union of Justice.

Johnny and Kasey eventually agree to join the Heat crew to do a big job and retire afterward. But things don’t go according to plan and the team is forced to break up. Five years later, they reluctantly find each other again when Heat gets into serious trouble. The anime was received largely positively after its premiere. Critics and fans alike praised the elegant animation and narrative style. If you’ve seen the first season and are wondering if there will be a second season, we have a solution for you.

Super Crooks season 2 release date

Season 1 of Super Crooks was released on November 25, 2021 Netflix Premiered. It consists of thirteen 20-30 minute episodes. Studio Bones developed the series, with Motonobu Hori serving as the director and Dai Satou as the series’ composer. As for season two, here’s what we know.

Neither the Netflix executives nor the creators of the series have confirmed the development of season 2 of Super Crooks. The anime is set in the same universe as the short-lived Jupiter’s Legacy, which is based on the comic series of the same name that Millar created together with Frank Quitely and Peter Doherty. The anime’s creators designed the series so that most of the first season serves as a prelude to the source material before it clashes with it in the final four episodes.

The presence of this original content not only effectively makes Super Crooks a part of the Jupiter’s Legacy universe, but it also gives the creators a much wider landscape to play in if there actually is a second season. A live-action version of Supercrooks is currently in development at Netflix. Obviously, Netflix is ​​far from finished exploring the shared world of Super Crooks and Jupiter’s Legacy, even if the latter has already been discontinued. If Super Crooks manages to generate above-average viewership, there is a legitimate chance that the series will be extended for another season. And if that happens in the next few months, viewers can expect season 2 of Super Crooks to air sometime in 2023.

Super Crooks Season 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

In the season 1 finale, Johnny and his crew steal $ 800 million from Matts. Gladiator beats Praetorian to a pulp. Elsewhere, Kasey controls the mind of Christopher Matts. By the time he realizes what has happened, it is already too late. With all of Johnny’s team wearing replicas of Salamander’s team costumes, Matts kills all of the latter group, believing they were responsible for the theft. The season ends with Johnny’s marriage proposal to Kasey.

In the upcoming Season 2, Matts will likely find out the truth about who really stole from him and will be stalking Johnny and the others. It is also possible that the lovable crooks may attract the attention of the likes of Brainwave or even the Utopian himself. Or the next season’s antagonist could be someone completely new. Perhaps the team needs to regroup and work together to figure out how to tackle their common problems.