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‘Spy X Family’ Episode 25 release date, spoilers: Loid finally meets his target, Desmond Denovan

December 19, 2022

The first season of the anime adaptation of the manga by Tatsuyo Endo is coming to an end, but the second season has finally been ordered. With Spy x Family Episode 25 titled First Contact just around the corner, what’s next for Loid, Anya and the rest of the gang?

The upcoming Spy x Family Episode 25 will be the final episode of the first season of the series. Luckily, the anime is far from over and there will be more to come in the second season.

Loid will be going to parents’ evening at Anya’s school in the upcoming new episode. This will be the first time such a forum is held.

This is where Loid will finally meet his target, Desmond Denovan. Manga fans know that this first meeting is pretty exciting, so the same is expected in the anime as well.

With Spy x Family Episode 25 ending on this major cliffhanger, fans can expect the finale to end on a high note. It will also feature some advances that anime viewers have been waiting for.

Meanwhile, in Episode 24 of Spy x Family, Twilight and Nightfall won the battle against the Campbell siblings. The two successfully acquired the Zacharis dossier from Cavi Campbell.

Fiona then challenged Yor to a tennis match but was surprised by her skill. Their hope of surpassing them was dashed immediately after their defeat.

Loid was also seen trying to mend his marriage to Yor, so the latter was expected to be fully sane soon. She had doubts about her husband’s relationship with Fiona, but their date seemed enough to work things out between them.

Episode 24 also announced the Imperial Scholars’ meeting with the arrival of Desmond, the main target of Operation Strix. This would finally allow Loid to hit his target and fans could see him perform in the upcoming Spy x Family Episode 25.

The meeting between Loid and Desmond in the season finale will bring an important plot point for the anime to wrap up the first season. So it will be interesting to see how Twilight will reach this peak.

Meanwhile, the franchise’s official Twitter account announced the coming of Spy X Family Season 2 and a new anime movie set for release next year. To celebrate the announcement, Endo even created a commemorative picture showing Loid, Yor, Anya, and Bond Forger aboard a red plane.

The mangaka himself will be overseeing the upcoming film and will also take care of the character designs. Spy x Family Episode 25 will be released on Saturday December 24th.