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‘Spy X Family’ Episode 24 Release Date, Spoilers: Yor Wants To Regain Role As Mom And Wife

December 12, 2022

Spy x Family Episode 24 will be another fun episode starring Yor, Anya and Becky. The title of the next episode, A Mom and Wife’s Role in Shopping With Friends, gives it all away and gives fans an idea of ​​what they’re about to watch.

Yor is in the process of reclaiming her role in the family after having some doubts about her relationship with Loid in Spy x Family Episode 24. So does it have anything to do with Fiona?

Anya will go shopping with Becky in the next episode. With the meme faces they’ll be making, it looks like this episode will be full of their funny banter.

The first part of the episode will mainly focus on Yor. She will be doing her duty as a wife and mother, although the fun will focus on Anya and Becky’s shopping bonding.

In Spy x Family Episode 24, Loid will do whatever it takes to put his wife’s doubts about their marriage to rest. Yor questions her role in the family as wife and mother.

So Loid wants to reassure her that she’s fine and that nothing is going on between him and Fiona. In the second part of the episode, Beck takes Anya shopping.

She wants to be close to her crush, Damian Desmon, which will bring the two closer together. Since this was a fun chapter in the manga, fans can expect the same in the anime.

In Spy x Family Episode 23, the siblings noticed that the mat’s movements don’t affect the opponent. So they played their trump card instead.

Loid rushed to Fiona’s aid when he saw that a bullet was about to hit her. He was expecting it, so he put on a bulletproof vest.

Loid caused the sniper to lose his aim. The siblings won, and Campbell refused to give the spies what they wanted, giving them a painting instead.

Loid swapped the real painting for a fake and disguised himself as Campbell’s servant. Thus, they managed to get the needed art and complete their mission.

Then, when they got home, Fiona challenged Yor to a tennis tournament, which worried Anya. She knew her mother wasn’t good at it, and if she lost, she’d have to leave the house.

The fight started and Yor broke the ball into a million pieces, shocking Fiona. Her next move was so quick that Fiona couldn’t keep up. Fiona simply accepted her defeat and left, despite her determination to one day defeat Loid.

Spy x Family Episode 24 will air on Saturday December 17th.