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‘Spy X Family’ Episode 22 Release Date, Spoilers: Fiona, Loid’s New Mission

November 28, 2022

Fiona and Loid will have a new mission in Spy x Family Episode 22. Titled Underground Tennis Tournament: The Campbelldon, fans will witness another hilarious and ridiculous episode.

Fiona and Loid take part in an underground tennis tournament in Spy x Family episode 22. The two are willing to do anything to get their hands on something worthwhile in the next episode.

However has Epic dope realized that the game of tennis here is anything but ordinary. So how will the duo handle the competition?

Of course, how they will fulfill this new mission remains to be seen. Besides the two, Anya and Yor will also compete in Spy x Family Episode 22 to play tennis.

The series is now in its second half and has therefore released a new poster for Spy x Family Episode 21. The series is now showing some of its latest episodes.

That means fans can brace themselves for much greater things to come. The final main characters of the anime are introduced as the forger family continues to complete various missions.

Episode 21 introduced Fiona Frost, who has her own plans and goals for the future. However, her dreams confuse Twilight and the rest of the Forger family.

In the last episode, Fiona, whose codename is Nightfall, went on a side mission with Twilight. Frost went to Yor’s house and wanted to withdraw her from the mission as he felt she was incompetent.

She tried to manipulate them, but Anya and Loid arrived. Loid and Fiona spoke in a coded language, surprising Anya that her visitor was also a spy.

Anya read her mind and learned that she was in love with Loid and had a desire to marry Twilight. She was then surprised to see Fiona’s plan for her after spilling her drink on the table and blaming Twight for not training her well.

Fiona left but Loid ran after her to give her an umbrella as it started to rain. She felt sad and even cried but was grateful that the rain was hiding her feelings but she just let it go and told Loid that they had to complete their mission together.

She believed she was the only one fit to be his wife. Anya and Bond watched TV, and although there were some difficulties, Loid sorted them out, and the episode ended on a positive note.

Spy x Family Episode 22 will air Saturday, December 3rd.