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‘Spy X Family’ Episode 19 release date, spoilers: Anya wants to get Desmond in trouble

November 7, 2022

The Spy x Family Episode 19 preview and official title have emerged, giving a hint of what might happen next. The title is Revenge Plan Against Desmond/Mama Turns Into the Wind – what does that have to do with Desmond?

Anya might get Desmond in trouble in Spy x Family Episode 19. And what will Desmond do about it?

The next episode could be quite ordinary and offer nothing special. But maybe fans will get a deeper insight into Desmond’s character and how he thinks.

One of the students in Anya’s class will start blaming Desmond’s family for the misery he’s going through. It will be a heartbreaking sight to see.

Yor appears to be on her own mission in Spy x Family Episode 19. It also looks like he’s watching over someone. What will the Forger family do about it?

In the preview of the next episode, Anya stands by Desmond’s side while some students plan something against him. Loid just watches her from afar while the whole class cheers for what is assumed to be Anya.

It looks like there’s a revenge plan brewing against Desmond, and it might be the perfect time for Anya to save him and try to befriend him.

If that happens, Loid might have a chance to get closer to the boy’s father. So will it happen in Spy x Family Episode 19?

There are now also theories that someone is planning to harm Desmond. Loid could try to find out who is behind this evil plan and try to save him too.

It is known that Daybreak wants Desmond to fail the exam. So who is behind all this?

In Spy x Family Episode 18, the midterm exam was in two weeks, but Anya didn’t mind. However, she began to worry when she saw the result of her history test.

Anya lost her powers once a month, so she couldn’t cheat on exam day. Yor called Yuri to tutor Anya, but the two didn’t get along.

Yuri hated Anya for spending more time with Yor, but Anya was overwhelmed by Yor’s request. However, Yuri was frustrated with Anya and left.

Anya studied alone, but Loid found out she was studying a different subject that wasn’t part of the exam. The exam day came, and Anya felt confident.

But since Loid didn’t trust Anya, he infiltrated the school to change her grades so that she would pass the exam. However, he found that Daybreak was doing the same with Desmond’s papers for an unknown client.

So will the fans know who is behind it? Find out when Spy x Family Episode 19 airs Saturday, November 12th.