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‘Spy X Family’ Episode 15 Release Date, Spoilers: A New Family Member

October 11, 2022

In Episode 15 of Spy x Family, a new family member joins the dysfunctional Forger family. Anya’s new canine friend is officially welcomed into the household, so the next episode is aptly titled A New Family Member.

But alongside the new addition to the family, Spy x Family Episode 15 will also star as Agent Twilight who will try to prove himself as the best. Also, Keith will be on his way to try and get Loid this time after the counterfeiters thwart his plans.

The next episode picks up where episode 14 left off. Here fans will see if Loid can kill an innocent dog to keep the peace.

Whatever happens here, this could be the last time fans see Keith after he ran out of options. His comrades are already trapped while he runs out of explosives, and the fate of the last dog he has lies in Loid’s hands.

The terrorist has no way of escaping after Yor is confirmed at the scene in Spy x Family Episode 15. Also, the future of Anya’s new dog is finally revealed.

The dog played an important role in this story arc and fans have already grown fond of the cute pup. As it stands, his destiny will fulfill everyone’s wish, because he gets to stay in the series.

The anime is picking up a good pace, and the next installment will be light-hearted, mostly focusing on Anya’s canine friend. Of course, there will be some action as well, as can be seen in the preview, especially the appearance of the future reading dog makes it more interesting.

In Spy x Family Episode 14, Defusing the Bomb, Anya works with her clairvoyant dog to save Loid from death while he tries to capture Keith. The kd and her pup shone incredibly in this episode.

They successfully achieved what they wanted and Anya’s clever move at the very last moment saved the day. However, their gambit would not have been possible without the dog’s help, and his role played a huge role in this fight.

The alliance of Anya and the white dog was the cutest duo to show a healthy bond, and that was just the beginning. Fans will see more of them in the upcoming episodes.

Elsewhere, Agent Twilight used his abilities to trick Keith and lure him into a trap. The latter was keen to kill Westalis’ foreign minister and start a war between Ostania and its neighbors.

Loid used Keith’s desperation to trick him. The former would do anything to complete his mission, even threatening a dog with a gun.

What will be the fate of the dog? Find out when Spy x Family Episode 15 airs Saturday, October 15th.