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‘Spy X Family’ Episode 11 Release Date, Spoilers: Is Anya Finally Getting a Stella Star?

June 14, 2022

World peace depends on Anya if she ever gets the Stella Star. Will she finally get one in Spy x Family Episode 11?

Anya boldly returns to Yor’s hellish training to prepare for the game, knowing Loid’s plan. Can she finally prove herself to Loid in Spy x Family Episode 11?

Epic dope has noticed that Anya’s training and her quest to become the MVP for the Stella Star has quickly come to an end. There’s no way she’ll win the dodgeball game or that anyone will get a star for winning said team sport.

There’s no denying that Anya is already desperate to help Loid on his mission to prove herself to him. However, it looks like nothing is going their way.

So what will she do next? The title of the next episode, Stella, seems to hint at what will happen after that.

Anya is already desperate to find a Stella Star and her desperation may be taking over her rational thinking. In the Spy x Family Episode 11 preview, Anya is seen drowning, which means she might end up doing something reckless.

Will she be okay or will something happen to her? comic book added that the next episode looks like the most exciting entry yet. Anya is in a new place and appears to be visiting Loid at his stealth job.

The man appears to be guiding Anya through the hospital as nurses join them on their way. From there it gets serious.

Anya starts running down the hallway in front of Loid before being pushed into a pool. Then how come she drowns?

Many find it impossible for Anya to drown while with Loid, but the esper knows exactly how to sneak away from her father.

Meanwhile, Spy x Family Episode 10 claimed that whoever would become the MVP of the cross-class dodgeball game would receive a Stella Star, according to OtakuKart News. Anya already had a Tonitrus bolt, so she needed a Stella to get back on track.

However, Damian was also after the Stella. The two duel, but Damian saves Anya when Bill’s throw threatens to destroy her.

Damian was eliminated and Anya wasted Damian’s sacrifice. Bill was hoping to get the Stella when the game was over, but the rumor mill was spinning and the fight was just a minigame.

Spy x Family Episode 11 will air on Saturday June 18th.