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‘Spy X Family’ Chapter 73 release date, spoilers: Yuri will be in action to save the kids

December 14, 2022

In Spy x Family Chapter 73, fans will finally see Yuri in action. After successfully finding the hiding place of the bus and the kidnappers, he is about to take his next step to rescue the children.

The previous chapter was very exciting after the police ambushed the terrorist group’s plans. Now it’s Yuri’s turn to face the enemy in Spy x Family Chapter 73.

Yuri is known for being a well-trained SSS lieutenant. Therefore, fans will see all his skills and abilities in the next episode.

However, Billy’s relationship with his crew seems strained as the group looks to take a more radical approach to the unfortunate event. Anyway, it remains to be seen what they will do next when they find that some of their comrades are already dead.

Anyhow, things are not looking good for the students and Henderson as the group may take more drastic measures to face the enemy in Spy x Family Chapter 73.

Anya could use her telekinetic abilities to find out that maybe Billy isn’t as bad as she thought after all. She might even try to appeal to his feelings to make him her ally and get him on her side.

Meanwhile, Chapter 72 of Spy x Family continued the story of the Red Circus. Despite police action, the Red Circus had no intention of surrendering.

Unfortunately, the appearance of the SSS only made matters worse. The organization wanted to clarify the matter, even if it would result in civilian casualties.

The hostage students tried to deal with the situation while the tense negotiation between the Red Circus and the police was taking place. Unfortunately, Loid and Yor weren’t around to help with this ordeal.

While WISE was in the background to provide support, they were unable to send agents to help on the ground. Luckily, Yo’s brother Yuri was nearby to use his position as an SSS officer and do whatever he could to save Anya and the other kids.

The bus hijackers had successfully negotiated a deal with the police, while Billy demanded two things in exchange for the students’ safety. Sylvia then learned the location of the second bus and passed the information on to the police.

Henderson brought the children food and water and decided to stay and take care of them. Upon learning the whereabouts of the second boss, Yuri investigated and finally found the bus and the kidnappers’ hidden remote building.

You can see what happens next when Spy x Family Chapter 73 comes out on Christmas Day, Sunday 25th December.