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‘Spy X Family’ Chapter 67-3 Spoilers, Release Date: The sequel to Operation Strix

September 15, 2022

Operation Strix continues in Spy X Family Chapter 67-3. That means Loid can’t rest just yet, having managed to avoid serious trouble in the previous episode.

Spy X Family Chapter 67-3 might change his perspective again after the situation in the hospital is cleared up.

After completing the hospital subplot, the Forger family, Anya in particular, will do their best to prove useful to their father, Loid, according to SportsKeeda. With that, they can now focus on completing Operation Strix.

Anya can continue her mission to get an invitation from Damian to be at his house. Little Esper sees this as the only way to help her father before he finds Yori more useful than her.

When that happens there will be a ton of funny moments where Anya will do whatever it takes to get invited to the Donovans’ house in Spy X Family Chapter 67-3. However, this could also have a consequence.

If Anya becomes very persistent, it could end up frustrating Damian and making her question her true intentions as to why she wants to go into his house so badly. Damian might think that there is nothing behind it but greed.

Meanwhile, in Chapter 67.2 of Spy X Family, two people from security came to arrest a man from the report, according to The Anime Daily. The boss brought her to Loid and revealed seeing her walking around the recording rooms.

They then handcuffed the man and took him out of the office. Rather than reflect on what he had done, Loid was more concerned about the embarrassment it had caused when his peers found out about the ordeal.

In any case, he refused to be put behind bars and pulled off one of his best tricks. He asked security to question the man who reported him.

Given that he was the one being questioned, he retracted the report. The chapter ended with little Anya getting mad at her dad because he knew he couldn’t keep friends.

In Spy X Family chapter 67-1, Loid’s superior, Dr. Gorey contacted the agents to accuse him of being a spy simply because he was jealous of him. However, Franky blocked his call after disguising himself as one of the SSS agents.

Thanks to Fiona, who was also masquerading as the second agent, Franky turned the tables and made Gorey the real culprit, giving Agent Twilight a chance to save his boss. This helped Gorey change his perspective on Loid, who was already out of danger of being discovered.

Spy X Family Chapter 67-3 will be released on Monday September 19th.