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Spoilers, release date and recap for Digimon Adventure Episode 61

August 11, 2021

Koshiro conquered the mysterious tunnel and defeated the enemy after solving mysterious puzzles. The boys have defeated the enemy that frees Taichi, and the others have captured Digimons. The journey and adventure of the Chosen will come to an end soon, with only a few more episodes left to complete the final episode. The Ascended are working hard to gain the power to deal with the new threat known as the Great Catastrophe. The battle in the hot springs ended, Joe pulverized the enemy and received praise from the Digimons he saved. Let’s find out how the Ascended continue their mysterious adventure in Digimon Adventure.

The Digimons are starting to think of Joe as the Lord of Fountains. Later, the Ascended wonder about the harshness of the frozen lands. They wonder why the winter snow came suddenly when they took advantage of the springs; the title of the episode is “Vekomon Adventures on the Glaciers”. Joe begins to travel with the Digimons who are called the Lord of the Fountains. The Digimon complains that they have reached their limits and the cold keeps increasing. They both collapse and Joe tries to follow them, but ends up collapsing.

His fellow Digimon want to help him and they realize that Joppa is a sloth. Joe rolls on the ice and pretends the heavens have opened. Suddenly, they see a colossal robot flying overhead, and Joe wonders what it is. Inside the flying ship, there is Joe’s friend who notices that Joe and Gomamon are down and suffering from the cold. Joe’s friend asks them why he’s out in the cold, and Joe didn’t hear him correctly. The next day, a Digimon pirate ship descends into the sea, while Gawappamonn uses a telescope to examine the people around the frozen island.

Previously in Digimon Adventure Episode 60

Gawappamon sees something flying and calls the boss telling him that they have seen something. The boss replies that Gawappamon shouldn’t call him boss but Shogun. Hangyomon asks the leader what the orders are, and Shogun reminds the crew to call him Shogun, not leader or boss. Shogun comments that they have been capturing humans since they hunted them. Gawappamon and Hangyomon agree and set out to capture the humans. On the other hand, Joe is with his friends and they like to drink tea to warm up from the cold.

Mimi reveals that they were on a Digimon school trip, showing everyone outside of the Cloud Continent. Joe is happy that Mimi and her team find them, otherwise they would freeze to death. One of the Digimons that attacked the school earlier sees him and asks Joe what he’s going to do with these two. The other two are the ones Joe defeated when they tried to take in all the hot springs. Joe is surprised that Mimi has become Mimimon-sensei, and Mimi responds that a lot has happened since they came to Digimon School.

Mimi received the nickname Mimimon-sensei after impressing the old witch Digimon by defeating the rival Digimon who appears once a year and causes destruction. That day, Mimi ran over the boy who had become her fan and who became her student. The old Digimon witch was impressed and gave Mimi the title of Mimimon-sensei. Palmom tells Joe not to be careful because it’s a long story, and the defeated Digimons complain that the students call them “weird.” The trio that got hit wanted to fight, and Palmon reminds them of what he did to them and they start to behave.

They love to travel and the Shogun team takes on them. Mimi tells the Shogun that she is the leader of the Blimpmon and that Joe is the captain. They lose the battle and the pirates capture them. Joe challenges Olegemon Shogun to a duel to free his friends. During the fight, Olegomon Shogan defeats them, and Zudomon enters Mega Evolution and evolves into Vikemon. Vikemon defeats Olegemon using Arctic Blizard. The rest of the crew celebrate their victory and Olegemon accepts defeat.

Digimon Adventure Episode 61 Release Date

The release date for Digimon Adventure Episode 61 is August 15, 2021, Sunday at 12:55 pm This episode of the anime airs every Sunday. Digimon Adventure has five episodes left to wrap up the final episode. Don’t miss out on the next episodes as the final episode will air soon. Check out the preview for Digimon Adventure Episode 61 below.

Where to watch Episode 61 of Digimon Adventure?

You can watch Digimon Adventure Episode 61 online on Crunchyroll, Funimation and elsewhere. Digimon Adventure has its Twitter account, website, and other official platforms. New episodes of Digimon Adventure will be available online as soon as the anime is released.