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Spoilers and recap: Solo Leveling Season 2 Episode 160

July 24, 2021

The three-on-one combat continues after more Monarchs come in counterattack with S-rank hunter Sung Jinwoo. The Ice Monarch, the Beast King, and the Plague Monarch surround Sung Jinwoo. But Sung Jinwoo unleashes an army of shadows and tells the Monarchs to come and attack him. Let’s see how the three-on-one combat continues in the final chapter of Solo Leveling season 2. The Frost Monarch transforms into monster ice, and Plague Monarch comments that she wants to have fun too. Free the army of monsters to join the battle.

The monster-headed worm monster attacks Sung Jingwoo trying to swallow him, but he gets up. The Frost Monarch unleashes ax blows and attempts to slam Sung Jinwoo to the ground. Sung Jinwoo uses his two daggers to decapitate worm-like monsters with monstrous heads. The rains of the beasts create a prey that Sung Jinwoo frustrates with its dangers and cuts the block of ice that comes from the Frost Monarch. Sung Jinwoo escapes from the Ice Monarch’s trap with the support of the Army of Shadows. He launches himself into the air, trying to take the Ice Monarch, but the Beast King intervenes.

Sung Jinwoo begins to cut the Beast King, who asks him if he thinks he can damage him with a simple metal. Sung Jinwoo replies that he wields a simple piece of metal, but it is powerful enough to cut through the beast. The Beast King is shocked when he sees his arm fall into the air. The Beast King is surprised that Sung Jinwoo cuts off his arm. Sung Jinwoo lands on the ground behind the Beast King, who wonders what is going on. The Plague Monarch attacks Sung Jinwoo with tree vines, but Sung Jinwoo dodges him in time.

solo leveling Season 2 Episode 159 Highlights

The Plague Monarch unleashes four monstrous hands and the Beast King increases his powers. Sun Jinwoo looks at the two and wonders how he is going to attack them at the same time. The Frost Monarch unleashes an arm of Frost who walks with the monster-headed monsters to take down Sung Jinwoo. The Beast King also sends his army of beasts to fight Sung Jinwoo. The trio realize that Sung Jinwoo is not easy to defeat.

General Beru emerges and breaks the Ice Monarch’s spells. The Monarch of Ice cannot believe that a mere Shadow Soldier will break free from his spells. General Beru yells that he will not allow this insect woman to touch his Liege. Beru has raised his rank to face the monster that is heading towards his master Sung Jinwoo. The Frost Monarch is disappointed that a Commander-level entity is in human hands.

The Beast King realizes that a single Commander-level Shadow Soldier is practically a God of Destruction. Three Monarchs line up and confront Sung Jinwoo, and the Plague Monarch comments that a child who does not recognize his mother needs to be beaten. Beru deflects his blows and realizes that he is going to kill this crazy woman. Béru decides to have a tête-à-tête with Plague Monarch. The Plague Monarch is enraged that his powerful blow was easily deflected. Beru bows to his master and reminds him that they don’t push him away even when he has had a fight with the higher species.

Sung Jinwoo’s Limitless Strength: God of Destruction

Beru is in awe of Sung Jinwoo’s boundless strength that will never let him down. Four worm-like monsters with monstrous heads get angry and decide to hit the blind spot, which enrages Beru and Sung Jinwoo. Beru slices through enemies using a claw technique, and Sung Jinwoo uses his swords. For the first time, Sung Jinwoo receives a slap in the face during battle and realizes that he is the Monarch of Plague. Béru is furious at having slapped his master and decides to block his hail of blows.

Sung Jinwoo is thrown into the air and hits a building. He realizes that these creatures have taken combat to another level. The Frost Monarch takes advantage of this and shoots ice arrows at Sung Jinwoo. Sung Jinwoo cuts these arrows and the Ice Monarch wonders how much Sung Jinwoo resists the pincer attack. Surprisingly, the Moranach of Frost is stabbed in the chest and he wonders how Sung Jinwoo could have stabbed him from a distance. Sung Jinwoo reminds these guys that they will not leave this place alive.

The Beast King intervenes and Sung Jinwoo forgets the third lady. He was stabbed and coughed up blood. The lady yells that her name is Querehash, the Monarch of Plagues. Beru realizes that his teacher is in danger because the trio has a strategy that made Sung Jinwoo back down; Querehash says that it is the mother of all existing insects. The Beast King places a heavy sword around Sung Jinwoo’s neck, and Beru tells the soldiers to protect their master. The Monarch comments that Sung Jinwoo’s injury is fatal and that playing time is up. Sung Jinwoo gets up and levels up, telling them that he’s not done yet.

Release date for Solo Leveling season 2 Chapter 160

The release date of Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 160 is July 29, 2021. Solo Leveling Season 2 chapters are available on Kakao Page Magazi.