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Spoilers and Preview: Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 8

July 24, 2021

Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 8 will see Hilde fight Strada Industries with all her pride. The recent episode bought something of an embarrassment for both his team and his parents. The children broke into the property of Wott Management, who filed a complaint. The children were released with a warning, but Hilde does not want to drop the case. It doesn’t matter if the parents and the sheriff deny it. Her friends abandon her and she still wants to take desperate measures, even on her own. This very desire for justice brings her closer to the truth, so to speak.

The cruelty of Wott Management and Strada Industries is clearly visible. Especially after Frank got fired from his first job, but it seems like they’re good at covering things up. In short, Matt and Hilde joined forces and decided to help pop-pop dementia. Because you may have a memory from the past that could be related to this matter. So did you find anything complex? Let’s take a look at the previous episode of Home Before Dark Season 2, and then we’ll look at Episode 8.

Summary of episode 7 of season 2 of “Home Before Dark”

The previous episode opened with Matthew and Bridget’s mini date. Until Sheriff Johnson knocks on her door to pick up Hilde. Hilde and her friends have broken into the island, which is illegal, and the owners file a complaint. They have all the evidence, that’s for sure. Sheriff Johnson manages to convince them, but Hilde doesn’t give up. At the same time, Izzy has been struggling ever since Emma confessed her feelings to her. Later, she also has depression in front of her parents.

On the other hand, Sheriff Johson receives a report that someone else was on the island. This is Frank, and the Sheriff thinks firing him wouldn’t be good after all the good things he’s done. At school, Hilde’s friends dumped her and she is alone. So she uses a school hallway project to show people that their water could be contaminated until Kim Collins stops it. Hilde also tells him about Frank’s firing. After losing all hope, Hilde again tries to enlist Sheriff Johnson’s help and asks her father to test the water. Later, Kim tries to confront Frank.

Matt tries to comfort Hilde until the topic of pop-pop comes up. Then he realizes that a story from the past can help him. So with the help of a story from the past and a memory of Ginny from her painting book. The family agrees to help Pop-pop dementia reenact a past event. Even Ethan arrives and apologizes for choosing Izzy and Emma at the beginning of the episode. So he is there for Piano.

The environment helps and pop-pop is beginning to tell a series of stories. This leads him to reveal an intricate detail about a smell that made him sick. But local doctors denied it and attributed it to allergies. The bad news comes when Ginny brings Walter in and says he’s dead. A funeral is organized and the children meet again. The next day after researching the aforementioned Pop-pop Strata and there is a link to dementia. Now there is evidence, and even Sheriff Johnson is testing the water Hilde requested. Even that is true, and Hilde writes the report against Strata Industries and the Limits to get them to pay.

Home Before Dark Season 2 episode 8 release date and Spoilers

Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 8 will be released on July 30, 2021 on Apple TV +. There are still three episodes left until the end of the second season of Home Before Dark. So expect a new episode every Friday after the seventh until Home Before Dark season 2 ends on August 13, 2021. There is no official promotion for Home Before dark season 2 episode 7. But you can check out the synopsis below, along with the full trailer for season 2.

Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 8 remains untitled for now. But from what we saw in the latest episode of Home Before Dark, we can hope this is the time for Hilde to shine. You now have clear evidence against Strada Industries. Even the bailiff noticed the water in bad shape after testing it. So maybe it’s time for you to come together and settle the matter legally. The report is going to cause a sensation in town, and we also hope that Hilda’s friend will join the fight against Strada. Will they win? We will see, because we are close to the final.