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Spencer Ending Explained – What Was Diana’s Destiny?

January 21, 2022

Directed by Pablo Larrain, Spencer is a historical psychological drama distributed by neon. Kristen Stewart stars in the lead role, with Timothy Spall, Jack Farthing, Sean Harris, Sally Hawkins and Jack Nielen in supporting roles.

Kristen Stewart, the star of the Twilight series, takes on the role of Princess Diana in this film. There’s nothing notable about the film to grab moviegoers’ attention, but it’s a good attempt at retelling the story of Princess Diana. Let’s discuss the ending of Spencer explained in this blog.

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In short, Spencer is the story of the life of Diana. But in all the portrayals we’ve seen of her in the media. We’ve seen all forms of her. From her fame to her brash reality, however, what Spencer brings to the fore is a unique approach. He tries to show the deception of the princess and how she is trapped in different versions of her.

In the film, Diana is not happy. She is always caught in various delusions and has to make conflicting choices at different points in her life. Being a princess isn’t as glamorous as it sounds, at least in her case, as she has a lot of limitations imposed on her.

Diana in Spencer breaks down with various circumstances she encounters. Her diet, her eating habits, her pain, her sadness, all gradually become her undoing, and her emotional self cannot keep up with the rising expectations. Even if her life is mainly characterized by fear and stress, there are always happy moments.

For Diana, loving her children is one of the most beautiful moments in her life. Yet she must maintain two distinct personalities: that of a princess and that of her true self. Diana tries and struggles to fit in, but in the end she gives up as we shorten the story of Diana the Princess.

The Royal family

Seen from the outside, the royal family and their traditions look fantastic and elite. But through Spencer and Diana’s eyes, we uncover some shocking truths about what’s going on inside the royal family. We start right at Christmas when a truck arrives delivering several boxes.

As we learn more, we find out that there is a tradition that takes place before Christmas. First, all the ladies are weighed and their goal is to add 3 pounds in weight in a week. Through the chef, we learn yet another shocking tradition that brings home the real horrors of this royal family.

Spencer Ending Explained – What Was Diana’s Destiny?

In Spencer, the director attempts to portray an external element controlling Diana’s life. They are not shown in the film, but their presence can be felt in all scenes. Diana is cornered by her interference and her circumstances continue to deteriorate with each interaction.

There are no ghosts in the film, but the tension that these characters create in Diana’s mind, slowly turning into something unimaginable, is an important part of the film. Diana is pushed to the brink and almost decides to give up, but there is still a glimmer of hope in her cause.

The load on her shoulders eases as her husband’s cheating affair with his mistress comes to light. She also learns that her confidante is actually in love with him. Everything starts to work out when she asks her children to support her in her endeavor. Taking the ride, she drives to the KFC and whiles away her worries by biting into the food.

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