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Song Joong Ki’s Reborn Rich continues to top South Korean drama and actor lists

December 19, 2022

Song Joong Ki’s Reborn Rich consistently tops the South Korean drama chart and is the second highest-rated drama in cable television history. But not only that, its stars also dominate the roster of actors by attracting the most attention.

The last Friday and Saturday episodes of Reborn Rich received their highest ratings to date. As the series enters its final round this week, will it break or set new records?

Like Nielsen Korea about soompi announced that the final episode of the series garnered an average rating of 24.9 percent nationally. That’s a huge leap from the last episode the night before.

Aside from setting a new personal best, it broke SKY Castle’s record as the second highest-rated drama in cable television history. The series reached its highest ratings during its finale, with an average national rating of 23.8 percent.

This makes Reborn Rich the second best-selling drama after the hit series Married World, which started in 2020. The series still holds the record for the highest ratings in the history of a Korean cable network, with a national average of 28.4 percent.

Song Joong Ki’s drama occupies all the top spots in this week’s most popular drama and actor ranking. For the fourth straight year, the series remains at the top of Good Data Corporation’s weekly list of most viewers.

The company determines the weekly rankings by collecting data from news articles, blog posts, online communities, videos and social media activity on the series that are currently airing or about to be released.

In addition, she also conquered the top 10 of this week’s most popular performers list, with Song Joong Ki at No. 1, followed by Lee Sung Min at No. 2, Kim Shin Rok at No. 4, Shin Hyun Been at No. 5, Park Ji Hyun at No. 7 and Kim Nam Hee at No. 8.

Reborn Rich now competes with Alchemy of Souls Part 2, the second most valuable drama series. She also dominates the list of most popular actors, with Go Yoon Jung at number 3 and Lee Jae Wook at number 6.

Reborn Rich has two episodes left before it officially ends. They will air on December 24th and 25th, so industry watchers are now excited to see how these final two episodes will fare in the ratings.