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Song Joong Ki’s previous K-Dramas that fans should watch again as Reborn Rich nears the end

December 13, 2022

Song Joong Ki is once again dominating the screens with his new K-drama Reborn Rich. With the series concluding this month and only six episodes remaining, fans can revisit his past K-drama series to see more of Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband’s great acting talent.

Reborn Rich now dominates the most-played drama and actor rankings, with Song Joong Ki at the top. So, let’s take a look at his other main actors who made a big mark on his career.

‘Offspring of the Sun’

The first on the of AllKpop The list he made is of course Descendants of the Sun, in which he played the role of Yoo Shi Jin alongside his ex-wife, Kang Mo Yeon. Here he fell in love with a doctor, which made their love story even more complicated.

He then had another chance at love when Kang was sent to help out the civilians where he was assigned. Descendants of the Sun is available to stream on Netflix.


Vincenzo follows next. Fans saw another song here, Joong Ki, who plays a consigliere in a mafia, which gets him in big trouble.

Here he played the role of Vincenzo Cassano, who gets involved with the lawyer Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Been). The series is also available on Netflix.

‘Arthdal ​​Chronicles’

This film differs a bit from the K-dramas that the South Korean actor usually directs due to its fantasy theme. It is about the ups and downs of the mythical heroes living in a virtual world called Arth.

In addition to the great acting performance of the 37-year-old star, the camera work in the series is also an absolute must-see. Vincenzo is also available to watch again on Netflix.

Success of ‘Reborn Rich’

TBS’ Reborn Rich is obviously a success as the series continues to dominate the most popular drama and actor rankings. In fact, she topped Good Data Corporation’s weekly list of top-grossing shows for the third straight week.

The company determines the weekly rankings by collecting data from news articles, blog posts, online communities, videos and social media posts on the series that are either currently airing or coming up.

Aside from the series itself, the stars of the series also dominated the list of most popular cast members, earning five out of 10 spots. Song Joong Ki topped the list, followed by his co-stars, Lee Sung Min at #3, Park Ji Hyun at #5, Kim Nam Hee at #7, and Kim Shin Rok at #9.