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Song Joong Ki Shows Sweet Smile And Evil Plans In New ‘Reborn Rich’ Teaser

November 11, 2022

JTBC has kept turning fans on with its new drama Reborn Rich starring Song Joong Ki. In the third teaser video, Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband flashes a cute smile while he hatches an evil plan.

Reborn Rich is a fantasy drama that tells the story of Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki). He is the loyal secretary of a chaebol family, but everything changes when he is accused of embezzlement by the family he serves, resulting in his death. Now reincarnated as the youngest son in the family, Jin Doo Joon, he plans to take over the company for revenge.

In the clip, the 37-year-old says that among the people around him is the person who killed him when he was brought back to life as Jin Doo Joon after his death. Although the preview lasts less than a minute, it’s enough to give fans a taste of what’s to come.

Jin Do Joon looks gentle and friendly on the outside, but it’s easy to notice his keen eyes that calculate his every move when he’s around the chaebol family. He secretly plots his revenge while the family places their trust in him.

In addition to Song Joong Ki’s character, the teaser for Reborn Rich also features Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min), Jin Do Joon’s grandfather. The clip shows how he treats his so-called grandson.

While the two are friendly and caring for each other, Jin Yang Chul seems to have plans of his own. Will he find out his grandson is the secretary they killed?

Jin Yang Chul grew up poor before becoming president of South Korea’s largest company. He has what it takes to run a large conglomerate and he’s willing to do anything for money.

In an interview with soompi The 53-year-old revealed that author Kim Tae Hee influenced him to make Reborn Rich. He was also very excited about the series as he knew director Jung Dae Yoon would be directing the series.

He knew that the director’s meticulous approach to directing would bring more completeness to the drama. He also praised the series’ script, which is incredibly detailed and new.

I was struck by the development of the historical scale from past to present, said Lee Sung Min.

He also spoke about his character and said he is the most fiery person when it comes to creating the vision for Sunyang Group’s future. He would do anything to protect the company, even if it meant being colder and crueler than everyone else.

Lee Sung Min added more ideas to his character in Reborn Rich, starting the company and the things he did to build the company from the ground up to be a success. JTBC and Song Joong Ki’s new series will premiere on Friday, November 18 at 10:30 p.m.