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Song Joong Ki Girlfriend: Meet Katy Louise Saunders, the Reborn Rich star’s alleged British girlfriend

December 27, 2022

Since HighZium Studio confirmed that Song Joong Ki is dating a British woman, many have been trying to find out the identity of his girlfriend. Many believe this is British actress Katy Louise Saunders and fans think she is beautiful.

Fans are now looking for evidence that Saunders is Song Joong Ki’s new love interest. From their alleged pictures to the names of their dogs, here’s what they found out.

Koreaboo has noted that speculation about the identity of the 37-year-old’s British girlfriend began when he delivered his Daesang acceptance speech at the APAN Star Awards. At the time, he thanked Katy, Marla, Maya and Antes, the last two of whom are said to be the names of Saunders’ dogs.

In a post on Facebook in April 2014, the Brit uploaded a photo with her dogs and wrote in the caption: Miss them like crazy. She used the hashtags #antes #maya #family #bonded #team and named her two dogs.

However, HighZium declined to comment on the claims that Saunders was actually Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend. We can’t confirm anything other than the fact that they are dating, the company said.

Who is Katy Louise Saunders?

The actress, born in 1984, is said to be from England and has starred in the films Lizzie McGuire and The Third Person, among others. She is of English and Colombian descent and moved to Rome, Italy when she was a child.

Prove that Katy Louise Saunders is Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend

Reportedly, Saunders Song joined Joong Ki as he traveled to Singapore on December 7 to promote his K-drama Reborn Rich. He even introduced them to the series staff, and they were photographed together arriving at Incheon International Airport on December 9.

They were also spotted together at golfer Lim Sung Jae’s wedding reception at Lotte Hotel World in Seoul on December 17.

Fans are reacting to Song Joong Ki’s new romance with Katy Louise Saunders

If Saunders is indeed Song Joong Ki’s new girlfriend, fans think she’s so beautiful. In a discussion on The Qoo by AllKpop translated, some said they couldn’t blame the actor for falling in love with Saunders as she is so incredibly beautiful.

Despite being a year older than the Vincenzo star, one fan opined that she looks a decade younger than her age. Another follower believed Saunders to be his Italian teacher for Vincenzo.

Meanwhile, Song Joon Ki was previously married to Song Hye Kyo. They tied the knot in 2017 and split after two years. They officially divorced in July 2019.