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Song Joong Ki girlfriend: Katy Louise Saunder reportedly has a daughter

December 28, 2022

After HighZium Studio confirmed Song Joong Ki is dating a British woman, fans have been trying to figure out the identity of what they believe is Katy Louise Saunder. After uncovering a few details about her, new reports claim the British beauty already has a daughter.

Fans have unleashed their investigative skills and found out that Song Joong is Ki’s alleged girlfriend Katy Louise Saunder. So is it true that she now has a child and is likely a single parent?

Netizens have found multiple photos of the two together at various weddings. They had also revealed that Saunders was his Italian tutor for his role in the K-drama series Vincenzo.

Aside from his career, fans also dug deeper into her personal life. After seeing her old photos, they saw that she was photographed with a large belly, which many assumed was a baby bump, like that AllKpop.

She was also seen in some of her snaps with a young girl who many speculate is her daughter and is around 10 years old. With these latest revelations, fans have had mixed reactions to it, although many don’t even mind that Song Joong Ki will be this kid’s stepdad.

In a discussion The Qoo one fan said that having a child doesn’t matter as they are both single. Another stressed that the actor should take care of his own life, while others wished them luck.

Another fan explained that Song Joong Ki was previously married to Song Hye Kyo, so having a girlfriend with a child shouldn’t be a problem. One even asked why people should care about their love life.

Meanwhile, details about Saunders’ personality have come to light after fans began tracking down the identity of Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend. The woman in question is said to have been born in the UK but studied in Italy.

Speculation that Saunders could be his girlfriend began when the Reborn Rich star thanked Katy, Narla, Maya and Antes in his acceptance speech after presenting Daesang with the Grand Prix at the APAN Star Awards in September.

The names mentioned are said to be the names of his and Saunders’ dogs. To further prove the claim, an old post of her was dug up showing her and her dogs named Maya and Antes.

Several photos of them together have also been circulating on the internet. Although Song Joong Ki’s agency confirmed his talent is back together, they didn’t confirm if the woman he’s dating is Saunders.