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Song Hye Kyo opens up about the dark side of acting in Netflix series ‘The Glory’

January 10, 2023

Song Hye Kyo is now getting rave reviews for her outstanding performance in Netflix K-drama The Glory. As this marks the first time fans are seeing the dark side of her acting, Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife revealed how she managed to make this project.

The Glory effortlessly captured viewers’ attention with its revenge plot, a first for Song Hye Kyo. Far from her romantic comedies, the queen of K-drama is no longer the damsel in distress as she can now save herself without the help of a prince.

In an interview with Netflix Korea (via Koreaboo), the 41-year-old revealed she received a lot of reactions after fans saw the series’ trailer. Thinking it was the first time they would see this part of her, she decided to do better.

Despite her already excellent performance, she worked even harder to play the role of Moon Dong Eun perfectly. She didn’t want to monitor her acting performance because that could pigeonhole her if she sees herself in the role.

She didn’t know how far to go as she played one of the key scenes in The Glory as she confronts her bullies again in the gym where the bullying started when they were all grown up.

On insider added that Song Hye Kyo was often told at the time to act even crazier until she reached an acting level that director Ahn Gil Ho thought was ideal. The Now, We’re Breaking Up star admitted she wasn’t sure what to expect for Ahn, but the script required her to act like a crazy b****.

After one take of the gossip scene, Ahn asked her to act even crazier to keep the intensity of her performance high. But even before filming began, screenwriter Kim Eun Sook revealed that the actress was already working hard to get into her character.

Song Hye Kyo decided to lose weight in order to look emaciated and short. She never wanted to look pretty but rather gain viewers’ sympathy for her bad looks considering the violence her character has endured.

When they shot the scene where Dong Eun showed all the burns on her body, Kim Eun couldn’t help but burst into tears because it was so beautifully done.

Fans have already seen the first part of Song Hye Kyo’s amazing acting in The Glory when it was released on Netflix on December 30th. The second part of the series will be released sometime in March.