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Song Hye Kyo explains why she doesn’t want to be reborn as herself

January 19, 2023

Song Hye Kyo playfully answered her fans’ questions in a Q&A session with ELLE Korea. One of the interesting answers the The Glory star gave was that she didn’t want to be reincarnated as herself and gave an interesting explanation for that.

It was the first time that Song Hye Kyo answered fans’ questions and showed their excitement. From playing the Would You Rather game to revealing her MBTI persona, Song Joong Ki’s ex has said it all.

The 41-year-old revealed a lot about herself. When asked by a fan if she wanted to be born as herself again, she simply replied no, explaining that if that happened, she would want to live a different life.

Then she shared what she did to relieve her stress: go to a puppy house with her friends, have a glass of wine, talk, listen to music and enjoy the great outdoors. As she got older she started to hate noisy places so her favorite place was to have a conversation.

Song Hye Kyo also starred Would You Rather and revealed that she’d rather hang out with a friend who’s late than early. She then revealed her MBTI personality type, which is INFJ.

Meanwhile, she graced the cover of ELLE’s February issue and spoke about her new hit K-Drama, The Glory. Despite the difficulties of making a revenge drama that is very different from her usual romantic comedies, she was very pleased with this series.

The actress said that there were many dynamic scenes in which her character, Moon Dong Eun, expressed her emotions, which made her very excited as she had never done anything like this before. After filming, she lay in her room and was happy.

She then revealed that The Glory Part 2 has a lot to offer as the series goes on hiatus following the December 30 release of the first episode. I’ll be even more entertaining, she added.

Song Hye Kyo then explained that she didn’t supervise her acting on the series because she was afraid she might act within a mold. Speaking about portraying a bully victim, she said she wanted to look exhausted and weak.

Although she knew that a person determined to seek revenge might gain weight, she thought it would be more appealing if her bullies were defeated by someone who looked weak and small, which begs the question of what at she was so scared.

Song Hye Kyo even revealed that she planned for her character not to change her clothes often, but since she works as a teacher and stands in front of the kids, she needed to look neat and clean. The Glory Part 2 will hit theaters on March 10th.