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Song Hye-Kyo could soon end South Korea’s actor pay gap after setting a new salary record

December 1, 2021

Song Hye-kyo proves she is one of the top actresses in South Korea, and her salary and advertising contracts can prove it. Given the huge gap between the salaries of male and female actors, it looks like Song Joong-ki’s ex-wife will end that difference.

It cannot be denied that Song Hye-kyo scores a huge hit with every project. That makes her an A-list star with high brand equity who is getting far more compensation than anyone thought.

The 40-year-old star has just broken a new salary record and is earning ₩ 200 million, or about $ 168,000 per episode, Koreaboo reports. Since their K-Drama series typically has 16 episodes, that means their salary can get as high as ₩ 3.20 billion, or $ 2.69 million, for a season.

The South Korean actress has a new series on SBS called Now, We Are Breaking Up. The series had only started a few weeks ago and marks its long-awaited TV comeback after the 2018 K-drama Encounter.

For her last TV show with Park Bo-gum, she reportedly made ₩ 100 million, or $ 84,000 per episode. That just goes to show that her current acting pay has increased 50% from ₩ 200 million in just three years.

This is already approaching the salary of male actors in South Korea. The country’s top actor Kim Soo-hyun is reportedly earning ₩ 500 million, or $ 420,000 per episode.

In no time, Song Hye-kyo and other high-paid actresses like Jun Ji-hyun, who also receives ₩ 200 million or $ 168,000 per episode, would fill that void. In the meantime, the Descendant of the Sun actress has not only a huge acting salary, but also advertising deals worth millions.

TMI News revealed that Song Hye-kyo is ranked 12th on the list of Highest Paid Celebrity Brand Ambassadors and will receive at least ₩ 900 million, or $ 1.1 million, to promote a product, according to Today Online. Their sponsored contributions, such as that to Fendi, cost ₩ 500 million or $ 650,000.

This makes it a perfect match for the name Endorsement Queen. She now has 12.4 million followers on Instagram and her paid posts are well worth it.

For example, sales of her recommended Laneige BB Cushion skyrocketed after using it in the 2013 drama That Winter, The Wind Blows. It even sold over 1 million times in just one year.

The same thing happened when the brand in question sold 160,000 lipsticks in just a month after using them in Descendants of the Sun in 2016. In any case, Song Hye-kyo is very picky about which brands and products she uses and supports.