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Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin Welcome Their First Child: Here’s The Couple Preparing To Be The Best Parents

November 28, 2022

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin will welcome the holiday as a family of three. The couple welcomed their first child, a healthy boy, on Sunday November 27th.

Son Ye Jin’s agency, MSteam Entertainment, confirmed the news in an official statement. As many celebrate the birth of the child, we look back at how the new mom and Hyun Bin prepared for the day.

The company revealed about AllKpopthat the 40-year-old star has given birth to a baby and they are both healthy.

It was originally reported that the actress would give birth in December, but the child came earlier than expected. First, the new mom announced the news of her pregnancy in an emotional post on Instagram in June.

Long before Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin started a romance, they seemed to be preparing to be the best parents one day. About 10 years ago, while appearing on a Korean reality show where he was traveling to Hawaii, he revealed that he was always looking at and buying baby shoes to collect.

He was visiting a Foot Locker store and spotted some baby shoes at the time and asked viewers if the pairs didn’t look cute. He then mentioned that one of the gifts he would give his son-to-be would be to make him wear cute shoes.

From the looks of it, he was already thinking about how he would spoil his child when he got one ten years ago. Alternatively, in a 2018 interview promoting her then-new film Be With You, Son Ye Jin revealed that she hopes to have a family when she gets married.

I’ve never lived with that feeling and I want to try it, she said via soompi. She also addressed the issue of motherhood, explaining that she loved children after seeing her sister take care of their child.

The Thirty Nine star went on to say that she never thought she wanted to be a mother after seeing her sister’s child. At the time, however, she could not imagine becoming a mother herself.

Son Ye Jin continued that she wanted to take care of others first. She believed that if she got married and had a child, she would commit too much because she knew she had always worked too hard at everything.

This just proves that Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin will be the perfect parents to their son as they can be.