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Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin Pregnancy: Fans Celebrate ‘Crash Landing On You’ Stars’ Good News

June 28, 2022

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are now expecting their first child and fans are celebrating the good news as expected. The Thirty-Nine star officially announced her pregnancy in a post on Instagram on Monday, June 27.

Son Ye Jin’s Instagram account was flooded with thousands of congratulations. As of this writing, the post has around 1.7 million likes, which will only increase over time. So what can fans say about that?

In a discussion on News Naver (via AllKpop) fans congratulated the mother-to-be, adding that she and her husband are sure to be a great mother and father. Others said it was good news, adding that the child would have good genes considering how beautiful the parents are.

Of course, as the king and queen of K-drama, netizens said that the child is lucky to have Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin as parents. This is such happy news. I’m happy for them both, such a fan.

The news of the 40-year-old actress’ pregnancy came a month after rumors about her pregnancy surfaced. At the time, many thought she was already heavily pregnant after she appeared in a baggy dress in her Instagram post.

Her agency MSTeam and the Something in the Rain star herself both denied the claim, saying they didn’t know if she was pregnant at the time. But now she has shared with her 6.7 million followers that a baby is on the way.

In a lengthy post, she first asked her fans how they were doing and said she was fine. She then revealed that she wanted to share some very happy news with everyone.

We are expecting a new life in our family, she said. Son Ye Jin revealed she’s still excited.

She felt the changes in her body that made her both worried and excited. She also felt grateful, although she hadn’t told anyone about it at the time as she had to be very careful.

She added that it’s important to her that her fans and those close to her know the news before it’s too late. Just like her, they would all have been waiting for them to have a baby.

Son Ye Jin then promised that they would protect the precious life that was given to them. She ended her post by wishing everyone stays healthy, happy and keeps the things dear to them close.

MSTeam also confirmed the news, revealing that Hyun Bin’s wife is in the early stages of her pregnancy Koreaboo reported. However, it was not revealed how many months Son Ye Jin is pregnant.