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Solo leveling chapter 174 release date, spoilers: Antares, Jinwoo’s last fight

November 17, 2021

In Solo Leveling, chapter 174, fans may see the beginning of the end. The fight between Antares and Jinwoo will be the last fight fans will see in the manga.

The fight between Jinwoo and the dragon monarch in Solo Leveling Chapter 174 is the final fight in the light novel series. That means the manga will soon come to an end.

Jinwoo manages to get Antares to follow him to a place where all the shadow soldiers gather. But Antares refuses to admit that Jinwoo wants to defeat him.

He uses the Transfiguration Monarch, Yogmun, to turn the tide by summoning hundreds of thousands of soldiers, most of whom are dragons. However, Jinwoo knows what to do and uses the runestone to fight all the dragons in the sky.

From here on, fans will witness the intense battle between Jinwoo and Antares in Solo Leveling Chapter 174. The two will compete individually without the aid of their armies, as Recent Highlights noted.

The dragon king is on earth and wants to destroy humanity and kill the shadow monarch himself. Will Jinwoo be defeated?

Antares is known to be the strongest monarch, which means he has great power. Of the many monarchs, only the shadow monarch courageously stands up against him.

Jinwoo is already at the height of his power after absorbing all the skills of the Shadow Monarchs and Soldiers. That means fans will experience a fight like no other that will take place at Jinwoo’s Castle in Japan.

Meanwhile, in chapter 173 of Solo Leveling, the beginning of the fight between Jinwoo and Antares was hinted at, as reported by Anime Senpai. Antares began shooting fire at Jinwoo while his shadow soldiers began attacking as well.

Antares viewed Jinwoo as weak after using fewer shadow soldiers against him. But Jinwoo began to walk to the portal while the Monarch of Destruction followed him to the other side, where the Shadow Monarchs were.

His troops had now joined Jinwoo’s army, but he produced hundreds of his dragons. Jinwoo was not impressed and pulled out his rune stone to use against the dragons.

After a roar was heard, all of the dragons froze. Jinwoo grabbed Antares and took him to his castle to be away from their troops.

Jinwoo said this would be the perfect place to kill Antares. But this transformed into his dragon form while Jinwoo unleashed his daggers.

Who will win this fight? Find out when Solo Leveling Chapter 174 releases on Thursday, November 18th.