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Solo Leveling Chapter 150 release date, spoilers, and more

May 3, 2021

One of Korea’s most beloved fantasy webtoons, Solo Leveling, is releasing Chapter 150 of its second season. People are excited and happy as the author has confirmed the release date of the next chapter. Read this full article for the release date, spoiler, recap, where to read it online, and more.

Solo Leveling Chapter 150 Release Date

Eager to know when it will be released? Solo Leveling Chapter 150 will be released on May 5, Thursday. You should also know that the author updates the chapter every week. People who haven’t read this webtoon yet should read it. Because the story is amazing, the character development and much more. You will know once you read.

Solo Leveling Chapter 150 Spoilers

In the next chapter 150 of Solo Leveling, you will witness more dramatic scenes. You will witness the return of Sung Jin-Woo to Korea. And the Korean Hunters Association will have to deal with some problems. Gun-Hee is going to fight a ruler. If you can’t wait, read this on Kakao’s page as the Korean translation is available there.

Explanation of the previous solo leveling chapter

In the previous chapter 149 of the Solo Leveling webtoon, we saw Sung Jin-Woo think about what Norma Selner expects of him. Norma Selner tells him that she has the same dream as the Top Hunters, that someone is chasing them. He asks if the dream concerns Christopher when it comes true. She tells him to protect all hunters from what may happen. They are discussing what to do if all of this happens and how to prevent it. She tells everything that happens in her dream. Sung JIn Woo confirms that it is the sovereigns who kill the hunters. Before leaving, he asks Agent White to give him all the hunter’s names.

Later, Sung Jin-woo meets Thomas at a party and talks about his injured arm and everything else. And in Korea, Gun Hee has health problems at the office. The chapter ends with an officer sitting in the office and Gun Hee is surprised to see him.

Where to read online?

You can read the Solo Leveling webtoon on Viz Media or Tappytoon. Read before the author locks the chapter.

Characters expected from the next chapter of Solo Leveling

Sung Jin-Woo is the main character and the strongest hunter in the world.
Monarchs are an ancient race of spirit beings that have recently appeared.
Cha Hae-in is the deputy construction manager and swordswoman for the main raid group.
The rulers are also an ancient race of noble spirit beings. They have also appeared recently.
Sung Il-hwan is a Korean S-rank hunter and the father of Sung Jin-Woo.
Liu Zhigang is the strongest hunter in China and one of the top five hunters nationwide.

More information on the Solo Leveling webtoon

Solo Leveling is a Korean manhwa-type webtoon in which some people have super powers to defeat monsters. Sung Jin Woo is also the one with powers, but he is the weakest and lowest in the hunter hierarchy. Once, some hunters with him get trapped in the rare double dungeons. Only a few survive and from that day on, Jinwoo’s power grows stronger. It can even defeat the strongest hunters. Read on to see how he defeats all monsters and protects people.