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Solo Leveling Anime Update: Will Fans See Jinwoo on the Small Screen?

February 21, 2022

Sung Jinwoo’s fans are now looking forward to seeing him on screen in Solo Leveling anime. Manhaw followers have already petitioned to see the anime adaptation, so will that happen soon?

After the manhwa ended earlier this year with 179 chapters, fans are now looking forward to the solo leveling anime in the near future. So will the first season be coming to screens soon?

News of the Manhwa’s anime adaptation has spread like wildfire after it has become one of the most read and well-known webtoons on the internet. In fact, fans are so eager to see Jinwoo on the small screen that they’ve started an online petition on

The goal is to get 300,000 signers and with more than 210,000 signatures so far, this petition is one of the most signed. Will they manage to attract the attention of the most famous anime studios to produce the movie?

Recent highlights have revealed that Netflix is ​​a company that could adapt the anime Solo Leveling. In fact, fans have already started filling out Netflix forms to request movies and TV shows.

But that too has yet to be confirmed. When that happens, fans will finally see Jinwoo’s story unfold on TV.

He is known as the weakest hunter that will become an S rank hunter. His power will be beyond anyone’s imagination, but he will face a D rank dungeon that is much stronger.

As he is about to accept his death, he gains a mysterious power that makes him see a quest log as a game. As he completes these quests, he will level up and become stronger.

This makes him an S-rank hunter. Now the whole world loves him, but he still claims he’s a solo leveler.

Should fans actually see an anime about solo leveling, it would certainly be a sight to behold if this manhwa were animated. Thankfully, Comicbook has revealed that fans’ patience may finally be paying off.

The anime is rumored to be in production, according to fansite PSY, which has already made a name for itself with its scoops. This site claims that a TV anime is in the works, although they haven’t revealed any specific details about it yet.

So fans should take this guess with caution until an official studio officially announces the coming of the solo leveling anime. Hopefully that will happen soon.