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Slime Diaries Episode 4 Release Date

April 23, 2021

The title of episode 4 of The Slime Diaries is “A Day in a Bathing Suit.” Summer has finally arrived in Tempest, and this time it is the hottest of all. Therefore, Rimuru and his group find ways to beat the heat. The spinoff series from a famous show called That Time I Got Reencarnated As A Slime was finally released after some delays. For now, his fans are very grateful to him. It’s only been three episodes, but viewers are already expecting much more. In fact, they are eagerly waiting to see the fourth episode of the anime to find out what will happen in Rimuru’s adventurous life. So when will it be released? Here are all the final details.

The Slime Diaries Episode 4: Plot Preview and Details!

The preview for the next episode of the animated series has been released and it shows that everyone is against the great Rimuru joining the pack. However, he replies that he will not join him because the boys are now his family. The title of the next episode suggests that everyone will go swimming. The hottest topic of the summer will stay on the show for a bit longer. So to take advantage of this special season, everyone will go swimming in Episode 4 of The Slime Diaries.

Summary of the previous episode!

In the third episode of The Slime Diaries, viewers saw the arrival of the hottest summer in Tempest history. Rimuru begins to think about the reasons for this high temperature and excessive heat. He wonders if this was not caused by the deforestation they did during the construction of the city. Furthermore, he also thinks about how he ate Veldora, the storm dragon who is one of the idols of the forest. Either way, you feel responsible for the situation.

In the second half, all the inhabitants of Tempest participate in an endurance competition. However, it ends without a winner. Kurobee forged an evil sword for Gobta. Shion and Shuna only participated to get Rimuru’s attention. Soon, Tyreni tells Rimuru about the hot summer and reveals that it was not her fault. In addition, she assures him that it is only a matter of time before everything returns to normal.

The Slime Diaries Episode 4: Release Date

This new animated series will continue to air in its weekly programming. Slime Diaries Episode 4 will premiere on Tuesday, April 27, 2021. All upcoming episodes will be available to watch online on Crunchyroll.