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Single’s Inferno’s Kim Hyun-Joong clarifies the dividing line issue with Free Zia

January 20, 2022

The Free Zia (Song Ji-ah) controversy continues and now also affects her Single’s Inferno partner, Kim Hyun-joong. At the height of the YouTuber’s fake clothing brand scandal, the 28-year-old model caught media and public attention after unfollowing Free Zia on Instagram.

Kim Hyun-joong received backlash after unfollowing Free Zia. Does that mean he’s cutting ties with the social media star despite their relationship in Single’s Inferno?

Amid all the speculation about the bodybuilder’s move, he finally broke his silence and told MK News via AllKpop the reason why he unfollowed Free Zia. He admitted he was flabbergasted when people started speculating that he broke everything he had with the influencer.

However, he contradicted all the negative comments and revealed that they still have good feelings for each other and keep in touch. So he sees no reason why he should end his relationship with her.

Kim Hyun-joong added that he has no bad feelings towards the reality star. His main reason is that many people have shown their interest in them and since Free Zia doesn’t follow him on Instagram, he doesn’t want to create another problem.

So he decided just not to follow her, unaware that she was already embroiled in a major controversy at that point. He even tried to contact her, but he probably couldn’t reach her because of the reports.

Amid all the questions about Free Zia, Kim Hyun-joong said she is a kind and smart person who lives diligently. What do these malicious claims mean to him?

Kim Hyun-joong revealed that the comments about him made it difficult for him because they were so harsh. He said they were far from the truth and he didn’t expect them to be biased and misunderstood.

Some have even crossed the line. He just wished that everyone wouldn’t show so much hate and understand that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

He also hoped people wouldn’t be so quick to judge after seeing just one side of the story. Meanwhile, Kim Hyun-joong is still busy with his jobs as a model, personal trainer, CEO of his own gym Mood Gym and CEO of food company KAMEE, Koreaboo reports.

Like the other Single’s Inferno cast members, he found overnight success after joining the series. Paired with Free Zia and her time on the show, fans are now excited to see what comes next for the favorite pup.