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‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2 Update: Netflix Promises ‘Hotter, Sexier’ New Season

April 12, 2022

Netflix has officially confirmed the release of Single’s Inferno Season 2. After the positive response to the first season, the second season promises an even hotter series of episodes.

Netflix confirmed on Tuesday, April 12th that Single’s Inferno will produce season 2. That means fans will see another lineup of men and women making their way from Hell Island to Paradise.

AllKpop revealed the renewal of the new season after the successful first run. Who will find love on the island this time?

The 41-second new season teaser described season two as the hottest inferno ever. He also promised that it will be sexier than the first season.

While it’s yet to be revealed who the new singles who will find love in paradise will be, there’s sure to be some new drama to come.

According to Hypebae season one made Netflix’s global top 10 list earlier this year. However, there was also some controversy after the male contestants spoke out about the color of their skin.

Moon Se Hoon said he likes Shin Ji Yeon because her skin is so fair and she looks so white and pure. Choi Si Hun agreed, adding that he wanted people who were light-skinned.

Kang Dong Han, Netflix Korea’s Vice President of Korean Content, explained: There were things that were acceptable in Korea but not in other countries culturally speaking. From then on, they realized that knowledge of humanities was necessary.

He added that it was important and that they were taking it with the utmost seriousness. There are cases where they did the translation, subtitles, dubbing and more themselves, but also cases where they hired a third party.

So you could try to avoid these things in Single’s Inferno Season 2. The Korean entertainment world was also rocked when Song Ji Ah, aka Free Zia, admitted she wore and used fake luxury items.

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In the meantime, the new season will return with some of the original creative staff, like colliders reported. Of course, creators Kim Jae Won and Kim Na Hyun will be back on board. Ji Hyun Sook and Lee Jeong Hwa will direct the series.

The reality dating game is a collaboration between Netflix and JTBC, while the Shijak company is producing the series. Kim Su A also serves as the series’ producer.

It’s not yet known when Single’s Inferno will hit theaters, but the first season is available to stream on Netflix.