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Shaman King Episode 10 Release date, time, where to watch

June 1, 2021

The match between two contrasting individuals ended in a draw. The judges have handed down their verdict and Yoh and Ren will go to the final of Shaman Fights. Although Ren thought he had lost the match, we later found out that Yoh had exhausted his Furyoku at the same time.

Officer Silva, present at the time, said the game was a draw. The odds were against him, but he managed to push his limits and contain Ren. Shaman King Episode 10 will bring us more moments like this as Yoh continues to grow.

Shaman King 2021 is an animated series rebooted from the 2002 version. It follows the manga of the same name. The 2002 anime adaptation was unable to adapt the entire manga. This time, in 2021, shaman king will pick up all the chapters of the manga from the beginning and offer a decisive conclusion to the series.

Release date for shaman king episode 10

The official release date for Shaman King Episode 10 is June 3, 2021. The episode title is “Night in the Flame.” Here are the broadcast schedules of the episode in the different countries.

Japan – 5:55 pm June 3
USA / Canada – June 3 at 5:00 am
India – 2:30 pm, June 3
United Kingdom – 10:00 a.m. M., June 3
Europe (CEST) – 11:00 am, June 3.

Where to watch shaman king episode 10?

Shaman King 2021 is available to stream on Netflix Japan. Other platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation are not licensed yet, but we think they will start streaming the anime soon.

What are the spoilers for Shaman King episode 10?

The next episode of Shaman King will likely adapt Chapter 68 and more of the manga. Here are the related spoilers.

After the match, Yoh and the others return to the inn and find Horo Horo and Tao Ren there. Everyone has fun and bathes in a jacuzzi. Yoh and Tao Ren have a chat where the latter claims that one day he will beat him. The end of the shaman fight is only a month away and everyone is preparing for the fight.

After returning home from shopping, Yoh finds a strange vehicle and two monks come out. These monks have musical instruments and apparently claim to have worldwide popularity. At first, Yoh doesn’t understand their purpose or identity, but they reveal it later. Turns out they’re also competitors in the Shaman fight, and they came here to take out Yoh.

Shaman King Episode 9 Recap

The previous episode featured the last fight between Yoh and Tao Ren in the preliminary round. Let’s do a quick recap and see what happened.

Silva receives a message informing him that he will have to act as Ren’s supervisor during his next fight against Yoh. First you are in conflict, but then you decide to comply. Meanwhile, Yoh arrives at the fight scene and seems to be brimming with confidence.

Tao Ren makes a striking entrance and Yoh realizes that this is exactly the type of entrance he would make. The countdown reaches zero and the fight begins.

The two begin the confrontation, and Yoh immediately gains the upper hand using his new Oversoul. Although Yoh seems to win, Ren is unscathed. Also, we learn from Silva that Yoh has already consumed part of his Furyoku and Ren has not consumed a single one. Yoh realizes that he has to create an Oversoul even bigger than Ren’s to win.

However, you decide not to do it because you are not comfortable with the idea. It simply attacks the spirit of Tao Ren, whose Oversoul is weakened. Ultimately, the two of them exhaust their Furyoku and the match is considered a draw.