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Shakira revealed the incredible way she found out Gerard Piqué was cheating on her

January 19, 2023

Shakira has revealed how she found out her ex-partner Gerard Piqué was cheating on her: through a jar of strawberry jam. The disappearance of her jam made her realize something was wrong, as she knew her family never liked this sweet spread.

Show News Today revealed that Shakira became suspicious after she couldn’t find her fruit spread in the fridge when she got home from a trip. She knew Piqué and her kids Sasha and Milan hated jam, so where did she go?

The 45-year-old believed someone had eaten the jam, but knew it wasn’t her partner or children. It also meant someone was home with the former footballer when she was gone.

She even seemed to allude to this turn of events in the music video for her and Rauw Alejandro’s song Te Felicito. In the clip, she is seen opening a fridge and seeing Rauw Alejandro’s head on the tray.

Shakira and Piqué are reported to have amicably split in June 2022 after dating for 11 years. However, things turned sour after she released a diss track, BZRP Music Session #53, targeting the former centre-back and his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

In the text, she said he left her with his mother-in-law as a neighbor, media at her door, and debts to the government, relating to her tax process. After the song’s release, she reportedly spun a witch doll on her balcony and pointed it at Piqué’s mother’s house, which is next door to hers.

The queen of Latin music continued to live in her former home since the ex-sportsman moved out. Due to this living situation, however, she stayed with Piqué’s parents next door.

Shakira planned to move out and live in Miami but is staying in Barcelona for now. She lived right next door to her ex’s parents.

When BZRP Music Sessions #53 was released just days after its release, some conflicts arose with her former in-laws, particularly the family matriarch, Montserrat Bernabeu.

It is reported that the couple’s former house is now to be officially separated from the two properties by a wall. Although the two houses are independent of each other, they are connected in some areas.

TV cameras have filmed a cement mixer at work near Shakira’s house, believing it will be used to build a wall between the two houses. However, there has been no word of reaction from either Piqué or his parents.