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Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Episode 4 Release Date

July 21, 2021

A boy who encountered an accident in his prime woke up in another world as Rio. Rio began his adventures and vowed to kill the beast that killed his mother. The young man met Celia and they began to help each other at the Royal Academi. His Majesty had Rio enroll in the Royal Academy after saving Princess Flora. Celia teaches Rio to read and write and discovers that he is excellent. Let’s find out what awaits Rio in another world in the latest episode of Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles. Celia noted that only Rio did not write about graduation plans.

Celia remembers asking Rio what his plans were, and Rio replied that he wanted to return home to the Yagumo region, his parents’ homeland. In the morning, Celia taught the students the use of magic and told them that they would use enlightenment to deepen their understanding of the control of magic power. One of the students asked about low-level magic and said that Rio would never be able to use it. Rodan comments that a class is for those with little magical control and points to Rio.

Celia realizes that the class is making fun of Rio and asks the two of them to use Lighting. Rodan and Stewart launch Lighting Instantly. But Celia tells them that at this level, they haven’t mastered it yet. She said that casting a covenant formula depends on a person’s affinity, and is not the same as being skilled at magic control. Celia showed the students a powerful technique that left them speechless. Celia cast Dectet Magician and unleashed a light spell. The students are impressed that she can control so much magic at once.

Previously in Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Episode 3

Rio realizes that it is true that he cannot cast magic alliance formulas like the other students. But by mimicking the flow of magical power, for some reason it can reproduce magical techniques. Celia tells the students that they can start their Magic Control class. After class, Stewart congratulates Professor Celia on her performance. Rio passes by, and Stewart calls him a commoner and asks if Rio is seducing the students. Rio asks Stewart what he is saying, since he never sees women. Stewart mocks Rio for swimming the tournament and says it was a mistake.

Rio decided to relax and Celia reminds Stewart that he is a nobleman and that he should act like one. Celia tells Stewart to stop criticizing without proof. Stewart replies that this brat is even flirting with Celia. Celia comments that Rio will never do such things and Stewart confronts Rio. Stewart tells Rio that if he tries a stupid deal during the outdoor internship, the Duke Huguenot house will not remain silent. Rio lowers his head and leaves while Flora wonders why Rio is so nice. Christina confronts Flora for fantasizing about Rio and asks her.

Kingdom of lies

Flora tells Cristina that they are false accusations, and Christina agrees, saying that they shouldn’t get involved in the boys’ business. Flora realizes that Rio is taking things his own way and is silent, but worries that he has never paid Rio to save her. Later, the students go to the open-air workshop. Cristina told Flora that they were going to be evaluated on how they learned military exercises at the academy. Roana tells Flora not to worry as it is a team competition and the dangerous monster has been eliminated.

Rodan addresses the students. Rodan tells students to reach the goal before sunset and that the correct results will have a big impact on all of their grades. He thinks he and his team will reach their destination in the afternoon. Roana reminds Rodan that it is impossible to arrive in the afternoon because they are traveling in the high mountains. Rodan responds that he has a unique career in mind. Roana realizes that Rodan’s team wants to use a shortcut and sees it as a trap.

Rodan becomes the team commander and Stewart tells Rio to carry everyone’s luggage. On their way, Rio protects Flora, and the students defeat the monsters using the Blitz Shot. Rio fights a moose monster and cuts off its head. Stewart tells the king lies about Rio, and the king decides to punish Rio. Celia is telling Rio the truth and wonders why the royals are making false accusations. Rio decides to level the kingdom and tells Celia that his new name is Haruto.

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Episode 4 Release Date

The last release date for Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Episode 4 is July 27, 2021. Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles online on Crunchyroll.