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Scott Henry: Where’s the Tough as Nails Season 2 Winner Now?

January 6, 2023

Tough As Nails is a reality television series essentially about a physical endurance test centered on a group of individuals who have previously experienced the rigors of physical labor. Just like the first season, season 2 also featured a great cast. Among them was construction manager Scott D. Henry, who performed exceptional standard construction tasks and took home the winning title and a whopping $200,000. Let’s dive into the Season 2 winner’s journey and find out where the reality TV star is currently!

Scott Henry’s badass journey

40-year-old Utah Scott Henry was a humble construction worker whose life changed after his appearance on the second season of CBS’s Tough as Nails. Few contestants in the show’s history have shown such steady development as Scott. Season 2 contestants’ growth and progression stats showed that Scott was never at the bottom and made the most progress during the season, so his win came as no real surprise. Scott’s Savage Crew won the majority of Team Challenges.

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Scott won 3 of 9 individual competitions and placed second in three others. In the first round of the competition, he and Sarah Burkett competed in a steel machining task. In the beam climbing task, they narrowly prevailed over the other two finalists. In the final task, Scott outperformed Burkett and Ontai on an obstacle course. Winning the final challenge to grab $200,000 and an awesome truck was no walk in the park.

Contestants had to smash through a wall with a sledgehammer, drive in a concrete block with a jackhammer, scale a chain link fence with bolt cutters, move lobster traps to build steps to climb a shipping container, cut a chain with a hacksaw, cross a narrow beam, undo knots , set up a chain ladder and climb more shipping containers. Through hard work, mental stability and dedication, Scott won the final challenge and took home the $200,000.

Where is Scott Henry today?

After winning the title, Scott Henry devoted all his time and energy to building an anti-bullying platform on his social media pages. As a loving husband and father, his primary goal is to be there for his family and all the children out there who are suffering from one of America’s worst social problems. Scott was a former site manager, managing geotechnical contracts. Today he is a TikTok sensation with around 2.9 million followers on TikTok and 427,000 followers on Instagram.

Scott loves his family more than anything, including his wife, Holly Henry, with whom he has three beautiful daughters. He uses his incredible following on social media to post silly but educational content to promote his Be Better campaign, which teaches coping skills to fight bullying and online harassment. In his early 40s, Scott is also an ambassador for America’s leading anti-bullying and cyberbullying organization, Stomp Out Bullying. His efforts in fighting bullying are greatly appreciated and we hope the reality TV star and social media sensation will continue with his good work spreading love and positivity.