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School of Chocolate Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

November 26, 2021

School of Chocolate is an incredible competitive series that watches pastry and chocolate professionals from across the country as they spread their wings with the help of Amaury Guichon. In other words, these veteran chefs are learning from the world-famous French chocolatier and facing his challenges in hopes of winning the $ 50,000 grand prize and other career-enhancing opportunities.

Not only does this feel good production showcase some inspiring stories from hard working people, but also the kind of masterpieces one can create with chocolate alone. All it takes is knowledge, practice, patience and dedication. From Amaury Guichon’s teaching methods to his original confections, and from the general skills of the participants to their competitiveness – it all comes out and makes the show a relaxing and ideal pastime. So if you’ve already seen the first episode and are really looking forward to more, here are the details on School of Chocolate Season 2.

School of Chocolate Season 2 release date

‘School of Chocolate’ Season 1 landed on November 26, 2021 Netflix. It consists of eight episodes with a running time of 28-49 minutes each.

As for Season 2, we have the following information. Neither the developers of the series nor those responsible at Netflix have made an official announcement regarding the extension or cancellation of the series. But that doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be a second season after all. It is actually quite normal for the streaming provider to take some time before commissioning a series for another episode, as the resources and technical conditions involved require this. You won’t want to take any chances without being rewarded for it.

Extending a series largely depends on whether or not the previous season had stable commercial success. So if this looks pretty good here, and all the other signs match, a green light from Netflix will be imminent. If the season is renewed anytime soon – taking into account casting, preproduction, filming, and editing – we can expect School of Chocolate Season 2 to hit screens sometime in Q4 2022.

School of Chocolate Season 2: Hosts and Participants

Veteran French chocolatier Amaury Guichon, who has become a real sensation on social media, is likely to return in Season 2 as a host, juror, advisor and instructor. In addition to Guichon, pastry chef and chocolatier Devin Cowan and pastry chef Carolyn Nugent could also return as his professional assistants.

In the first season of School of Chocolate, Amanda Miller, Cedrick Simpson, Daniel Corpuz, Juan Gutierrez, Mellisa Root, Stephanie Norcio, Thiago Silva and Tyricia Clark were candidates. But in Season 2, we’ll likely see a slew of new professional pastry chefs and chocolatiers eager to learn more. However, previous participants could act as guest mentors to help the new candidates, although this seems unlikely.