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Sam Carmona: Where’s The Circle Season 5 Winner Now?

January 19, 2023

The fifth season of The Circle on Netflix lives up to its title and its predecessors in every possible way, offering us a complete package of drama, friendships, rivalries, strategy and flirtations. After all, this game is about endearing yourself by any means necessary for a chance at a big prize, but it’s also a historical fact that those who are authentic go furthest. So it wasn’t entirely surprising that the absolutely incredible Sam Carmona ended up being crowned the winner – so if you’re curious to find out more about her, we’ve got the details for you now.

Sam Carmona’s Journey into the Circle

From the moment 34-year-old New Yorker Sam of Puerto Rican descent burst onto our screens, she made it clear that she’s an emotional hitter ready to show the world her innate reality. I grew up in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, she said at her introduction. I have seen everything. I think that’s why I have such a tough exterior. But inside I’m soft as jelly. I’m lovable too, so once I love you, that’s it. She wanted to be bold and represent the natural women out there, even though she was bullied about it as a teenager.

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The truth is that Sam initially seemed a bit conceited with the way she portrayed herself, but as time passed and we got to know her true form, it became absolutely clear that she is just like everyone else. The freelance makeup artist, leopard print fanatic, and lizard mom is fun, goofy, passionate, strong, and vibrant, but she also has insecurities that make her a multi-faceted person. Another thing that always set her apart was her sincerity — she never lied about her personal experiences, her job, her sexuality, or her feelings for others, and it showed.

It’s one of the reasons no one ever really suspected Sam of being a catfish, and even her ratings gradually improved until she was consistently in the top three for a few rounds towards the end. Also, the East Coasters’ connection with her husband Chaz validated everything she stood for from the start, and the fact that she was rarely involved in drama helped her a lot too. In other words, when it came down to it, almost all of her competitors wholeheartedly believed that she deserved the win and again gave her a very high rating, resulting in her walking away with $100,000.

Where is Sam Carmona now?

As far as we can gather from their online platforms, Sam is currently working to do exactly what he promised with the fund he won – to support her loving mother and grandmother. It’s not entirely clear if she was able to help her Abuelita move out of Project Housing, but it looks like she’s either spending as much time with her as possible or is now living directly with her. It’s also important to note that the Brooklyn-Rican remains dedicated to her career as a creative makeup artist, her position as a public figure/influencer, and also her extended family.

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Sam seems genuinely proud of not only who she is but where she is at the moment, and that’s all that matters in the long run, especially considering all she’s been through in the past. It’s like nothing and no one can take away the sneaker head’s confidence anymore – just the way it should – and as if she’s taking her own advice: know your worth, then add taxes. Put simply, Sam is still outspoken, loud and proud in every way.