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Remake Our Life Episode 7 spoilers, release date and recap

August 11, 2021

Remake Our Life Episode 7 spoilers, release date and recap

Kyouya falls asleep after the festival and discovers that Aki is on him. The two wake up to find that they have fallen asleep in the living room. Kyouya comments that they were going through the background material and then fell asleep. Aki apologizes for falling asleep like this, but has some ideas that they need to discuss. Kyouya decides to go back to work and Aki shows him that she wants a morning kiss. But just when they were about to do it, someone comes and calls Kyouya and ruins the romantic moment.

Nanako opens the door and wonders what the two men are going to do. She scolds Kyouya and reminds him to hurry up because Tsurayuki is waiting for her. Nanako knocks on the door when she leaves, and Aki asks her why she is angry. They both go to breakfast and enjoy it with Nanako. During breakfast, Kyouya asks about the teacher and tells him that Tsurayuki was skipping class. Tsurayuki replies that she worked nights to pack things.

Nanako adds that it wasn’t just about missing school, and Tsurayuki calls her stupid. Nanako is furious because he calls a sexy girl stupid. Aki comments that she was worried, thinking that Nanako was not well, but now she is in the mood. Nanako realizes that Kyouya and Aki are in love and gets jealous looking at them, and they show a romantic spark. Tsurayuki tells Kyouya to tell the teacher that he will attend class next time without fail.

Previously in Remake Our Life Episode 6

It’s been a week and Tsurayuki hasn’t shown up, making Kyouya wonder what’s going on. The next day, Kyouya finds Aki pulling Tsurayuki, who wants to go somewhere with his bike. Kyouya confronts the two men asking what is wrong, and Tsurayuki replies that she told Aki that everything would be fine, but Aki insists that she rest. Aki reveals that Tsurayuki is not well and that she continues to insist on dating.

Tsurayuki replies that he is not sick, but that he ate something horrible and suddenly collapsed. The two men helped him recover and he told them it was nothing. Kyouya reminds him that he lacks sleep and that he is exhausted from his work. Kyouya reminds Tsurayuki of what the doctor said and that he needs to rest.

Family meeting

Tsurayaki should not perform any work that involves physical activity for the foreseeable future. Tsurayaki apologizes for forcing Kyouya to quit her job to take care of him. The two men go home together. Kyouya wonders why Tsurayaki is killing himself and asks what is bothering him. Tsurayaki gets angry and tells Kyouya that it is none of his business. The two got into a fight and Tsurayaki apologizes for her words. Tsurayaki opens up to the fact that she is fighting with her parents and that she has to pay the costs of her studies.

But doctors told him to join his family and stop making his life worse as it could affect his condition. Tsurayaki has run away because she doesn’t want to find her family. Coming from a poor background, Tsurayaki was unable to obtain a scholarship. He decided to work hard and skip school to pay for his studies. Tsurayaki also said that he managed to rebel against his parents for losing for so long, but his fight for independence has gone too far.

Tsurayaki realizes that if he cannot afford his education, he will not be able to work or do anything to earn a living. He believes that he has nothing left in life, and Kyouya comforts him. Students meet and talk about how to make Doujin games. Kyouya explains the game and the fact that it is not like games made by companies and distributed to retailers. The next day, Sayuri visits them with her bodyguard and tells Tsuriyaki that they can “kiss” to celebrate their reunion.

Release date for Our-Life Remake episode 7

The premiere date for episode 7 of Remake Our-Life is Saturday, August 21, 2021 at 9:30 p.m. ET. This anime will be available online every Saturday with the premiere of a new episode; Remake-Our Life will soon conclude the final episode. Don’t forget to convert Japanese time to get an episode as soon as it is streamed online.

Where to watch episode 7 of Remake-Our Life?

You can watch Remake-Our Life Episode 7 online on chrunchyroll. Remake-Our Life has an official Twitter account, a website, and other platforms. The latest episodes of Remake-Our Life are available on Crunchyroll as soon as they go live.