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Remake Our Life Episode 2 release date and spoilers

July 7, 2021

Redoing our lives Episode 2 will be the next episode. Redo our lives in August 2016, when people go somewhere at night. A young man could not sleep inside the bus while other people are sleeping and receives a message asking who could text him at this time. The news of Kawagoe Kyouchi, Nana and Akishima shino is shocking for the young man. The man knows they are platinum stars and wonders what kind of budget he is using. The man knows that he loves video games, romances and entertainment.

The young man recently left his office to join game developer bishoujo. But that didn’t work as the business was closed before it even worked. The man is Hashiba Kyoya, 28 years old. With no money and no girlfriend, Kyoya is like the soon-to-be middle-aged bachelor. Out of work and wondering where life could take or survive him, he begins to travel alone. Kyoya can’t even pay the rent, realizing that he’s paying the last of his cash for an express bus ticket. He goes to his parents’ house.

Kyoya begins to worry about the difficulties in his life and the failure of his career. Later, Kyoya sits on his bed and opens a picture book of Akishima Shino. Love the girl who is amazing. Miyoko calls her brother and reminds him of the letter from his school. She tells him that after work, she is going to group a letter. Kyoya knows that he went to two schools and did not know which one to attend. The first was that of the regular departments of economics and art.

Remake Our Life Episode 1 Resume

Kyoya remembers when he was in high school. If he hadn’t attended art school, Kyouya wonders what would have happened. Kyoya, who is unemployed and has nothing to do with her life, is the same age. kyouya knows that he would have been successful like those children if things had gone well for him. The young man curls up in bed and wants time and things to turn back the clock. Miyoko arrives and her brother wakes up.

She gives him and leaves his documents and says that she will come to see him. Kyoya reads the letter and discovers that he is ready to join the school. But he thinks he is too old and needs a job. A change occurred in September 2016. During the night, Kyoya was walking down the street receiving a text message wishing him good luck. Kyoya sees a girl taking off her shoes and thinks she wants to commit suicide from the bridge. The girl is stunned when she sees a man jump.


The two then head to the restaurant next door, and the girl asks if it looks like she committed suicide. Kyoya apologizes saying that the situation was misunderstood. When Kyoya said that he looked like a lonely person, the girl was shocked. The lady talks about the game company she worked for and says it bothers her. Kyoya smiles and the lady says that she has come across someone who is the best person to manage and edit images and videos.

The lady also talks about a man who knows web development. He’s good at it, Kyoya replies, and he’s that man. The next day, Kyoya wakes up in his prime and realizes that he has to work hard for the next day. At the office, Kyoya is greeted by Kawasegawa, head of SuccedSoft’s second development group. Kyouya knows that he had an argument with the lady last night. They both explain how they cooperate.

They both go to Kyoya’s materials room to work. On the first day, Kawasegawa apologizes to Kyoya for giving him too much work. The young man begins to work hard because life has given him another chance. At night, Kawasega returns home to find that Kyoya is doing a wonderful job. The room is clean, he discovers, and Kyoya is working on something. Kyoya became interested in this new life and made many friends and enjoyed hanging out with his friends. The news was interesting to him. He also likes to receive additional lessons during his part-time job.

Release date for Remake Our Life episode 2

The release date for Remake our Life Episode 2 is July 10, 2021. We expect Remake our Life Episode 2 to air in different time zones depending on where you are. If the release date of Remake our Life Episode 2 has changed, we’ll let you know with an updated article.

Where to watch episode 2 of Remake Our Life?

Watch Remake our Life online on Crunchyroll. Remake our Life Episode 2 Anime Online English Subs will air weekly on Crunchyroll.