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Release date of the epilogue chapter of Horimiya’s manga

June 24, 2021

Modern teenage love stories are to everyone’s liking. It goes without saying that such an anime eventually attracts the attention of all Internet users. Be it an attractive and interesting waifu or a super nice ikemen, Horimiya has both. The manga was released in 2011 and finally ended this year. Written by Hiroki Adachi and illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara, Horimiya draws its readers into a bubble of love but at the same time gives them a glimpse of reality. While some relationships can last, not all have the privilege of a happy ending. And even if they do, it doesn’t have to be in high school. The manga has ended, but now the epilogue chapter of the Horimiya manga has been announced. For those mourning the end of the manga, it seems that Adachi and Daisuke have other things in store for us.

High school is not the time to stress about life, but to live it. Teenagers need to learn to make new friends because this is the age at which they develop, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Horimiya executes this idea through different characters. Each character has a different story. While Miyamura and Hori’s love story is beautiful, Hiroki Adachi and Daisuke Hagiwara give us a chance to see that failed relationships are not the end of the world. Horimiya makes sure no one is left behind and gives each character a chance to grow and learn from life. This is, in my opinion, the absolutely beautiful thing about this manga.

People have been asking for new content from the story. Here’s everything you need to know about the Horimiya manga epilogue chapter and its release date.

The Horimiya manga

The Horimiya manga began on October 11, 2011. Before Square Enix published it, the manga was released in 2007 as a doujinshi (self-published manga) by Hiroki Adachi under the name “Hero.” However, in 2011 Adachi set about writing Hormiya with illustrations by Daisuke Hagiwara. This manga was serialized in Monthly G Fantasy magazine, later translated into English by Yen Press. The manga had 125 chapters, which were compiled into 15 volumes. In 2012, the manga was adapted into a 6-episode OAV with the voices of Asami Seto and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Hori and Miyamura respectively. But the manga was a huge success around the world after the 2021 anime adaptation with the voices of Haruka Tomatsu and Kouki Uchiyama as main characters.

Epilogue chapter of the Horimiya manga

Horimiya was written with a lot of love. It has many interesting stories and a slight heartbreak drama. Each character is involved in the story in one way or another. When it comes to teen issues, Hero doesn’t leave anyone unnoticed. At the beginning we have Hori. She is popular and beautiful, but at home she is like all other girls. She does what any average teenager does, which is take care of her home and her brother when her parents are away. Then we have Miyamura, who is dark but wants to explore the world. He gets piercings and tattoos, but prefers to keep them hidden after a long history of bad friendships. When the two characters meet, they discover parts of the other that they have kept hidden and appreciate them.

But Horimiya doesn’t just present a love story that flourishes in youth and lasts forever. Instead, he goes through all kinds of relationships in high school using all the other characters. It may seem unfinished since not all characters end up having an eternal love bond. But let’s face it, not all high school adventures work out and that’s okay. Ishikawa, Kono, Yuki and Yanagi give us a good description. No, Ishikawa doesn’t break up with either one, but he and Kono admit that they love each other. They bury their feelings and move on. Yuki doesn’t pair up with Yanagi either, but they show possible future flirtation towards the end. It may sound like empty ends, but that’s life. Not everyone finds a Hori for their Miyamura.

Release date of the epilogue chapter of the Horimiya manga

The Horimiya manga epilogue chapter announcement was made in Monthly G Fantasy magazine on June 18, 2021. Based on this announcement, a manga epilogue chapter will be released in the magazine’s August issue. Therefore, the release date of the Horimiya manga epilogue chapter is July 16, 2021. The final volume of the manga will also ship on the same day. Your story will focus on the lives of the characters immediately after graduation.