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Release date of episode 3 of the Faculty of Law

April 19, 2021

In the new Korean drama series “Law School,” students and professors from the Hankuk National University legal department get caught up in an unusual case and a mental battle ensues. In the second episode, Yang Jong-hoon is arrested for the murder of Professor Seo Byung-ju and the authorities believe it to be a premeditated crime. Authorities believe it is a premeditated crime. As the police try to find a possible motive, we learn of the bitter relationship between Professor Seo and his nephew.

In a flashback from March 2020, students participate in a mock test, while this one shows them taking their exam. You can find more details about the episode in the summary we provided. Let us first introduce you to all the information we have about the upcoming episode 3 of “Law School”.

Release date of Episode 3 of the Law School

Episode 3 of “Law School” is scheduled for April 21, 2021 at 3 am on Netflix. The series is also broadcast on the Korean cable channel JTBC. Two new episodes air each week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Where to see Episode 3 of the Law School online?

You can watch episode 3 of “Law School” on Netflix. The series is scheduled to have a total of 16 episodes.

Spoilers for Episode 3 from Law School

Episode 3 of “Law School” is expected to deepen the mystery surrounding Seo’s murder case. We’ve already seen a little flashback of Joon-hwi pushing Seo down the stairs, but is he the killer? It is not yet clear. In the next episode, Joon-hwi’s aunt will accuse him of the murder, saying that he did it to obtain his uncle’s inheritance. New information will be revealed that Joon-hwi has hidden crucial evidence. At this point the shadow of doubt hangs over everyone, as there are so many suspicious characters out there, any one of them may be the killer.

Summary of episode 2 of the Faculty of Law

The second episode of “Law School” begins with Prosecutor Yang saving Kang Sol-a from prison in an October 2010 flashback. In 2020, Professor Yang is arrested for the murder of Professor Seo Byung-ju, the investigator. Police reveal that they believe Yang spiced Seo’s coffee with methamphetamine to kill him. Yang Jong-hoon “advocates the Fifth Amendment” and does not cooperate with investigators, reinforcing the suspicions hanging over him. At the university, the board and faculty debate whether to fire Yang. Everyone is stressed out by media attention and negative press.

Police find video footage of Jurae-dong’s hit-and-run case on Professor Yang’s phone. In a 2008 flashback, we see that Yang, after talking to Lee Man-ho, makes a connection between Professor Seo and crime. The police believe they have found the motive. In March 2020, Han Joon-hwi filed a petition against the appointment of Professor Seo, his uncle with whom he shares a bitter relationship. Currently, students take their midterms.

Sol-a and Joon-hwi visit Professor Yang in prison and tell him that Joon-hwi was acquitted in the mock trial while guilty. Joon-hwi then asks Yang if he killed Seo. The episode dates back to 2 p.m. on October 5, 2020, when Seo requested a 30-minute break. During his break, Yang surprised him with methamphetamine and threw it away, giving his friend sugar coffee to help him recover from hypoglycemic shock. In the present, Yang turns to Joon-hwi and says, “It was you,” while a flashback shows Joon-hwi pushing Seo down the stairs.