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Release date of Dragon Ball Super chapter 74: Goku’s ultra-perfected instinct

June 21, 2021

Today we are going to talk about Chapter 74 of Dragon Ball Super. Dragon Ball Super reveals the powers of the strongest man in the universe and the Sayans. Goku and the Saiyan prince Vegeta have trained hard to face the most powerful man on the planet. However, the rival men have no idea that the Sayan are using them to meet a man who believes they are working with freeza. Granola became the strongest man on the planet after the dragon granted his wish. Dragon Ball Super is ready to reveal the new era of Freeza, who is said to be the most powerful villain.

The chapter begins with a tête-à-tête between Goku and Granola, who refuses to listen to Goku. The title of the chapter is “Goku vs Granola”. Goku promises to show Granola the powers of Ultra Instinct. Granola realizes that’s what the Saiyans are called. The two of them spray each other with lightning bolts and powerful blows. The Prince of the Saiyans Vegeta decides to observe them as he is there to prove that the power of Destruction is better than the powers that Kakarrot learned from Whis. Vegeta has discovered something about Granola and wants to tell Kakarrot about it.

The fight becomes intense, and Granola shows Goku new techniques that surprise Goku. Granola seems to have the advantage because he is the one who hits the hardest. Goku tries to learn how to fight Granola and Grano’s weaknesses. The two deny each other’s attacks and walk away from each other. Granola notices that Goku has changed his fighting style and realizes that this guy has activated the evasion technique. He also realizes that when Goku’s hair was red he was using this attack. Goku tells Granola that beating Bue + Utra Instinct won’t be easy.

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Granola attacks with a two-finger laser that misses the target, Goku dodges all laser attacks using his Ninja abilities. Granola wonders why he can’t predict Goku’s movements. Goku retaliates and unleashes a Kamehameha that fails to blow up Granola. Oil watches the battle, hiding nearby to buy time before the top officials arrive. Maki went to the base to report that he returned with two Saiyans. The hit that almost took Oil, and Vegeta smelled something.

Goku’s Kamehameha puts Granola on his back and clears a large patch of forest. Goku feels his neck hurt and he returns to normal. Granola gets up and realizes that he has stronger attacks and faster Evasion. Granola tells Son Goku that his eye will always fixate on Goku’s vital points. Goku replies that Ultra Instinct is the only weapon that has no weaknesses, and if it fails, it lacks training. Granola responds that everything has drawbacks and wonders why these guys are training. Granola realizes that he has never been training.

Goku reveals that his body is not ready to handle the Ultra Insitca in Super Saiyan mode. Granola comments that Goku should give up as he is going to die here without mastering Ultra Instinct. Goku’s attacks have reached the alien base and they wonder who is responsible for this explosion. The prince of the Saiyans Vegeta is surprised to see Goku teleport near him. Goku comments that Granola has moves like Moro. Vegeta asks Kakarrot if he is fighting. Goku replies that Granola is something different. So what awaits fans in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74?

The sniper tribe

Vegeta comments that he knows the true identity of Kakarrota’s opponent. Vegeta also reveals that he knows the tribe that uses the specialized right eye to shoot. Goku asks if it is a “sniper tribe”. Vegeta responds in the affirmative, and a Saiyan working with Frieza has eliminated the “Sniper Tribe”. Granola is the survivor of the “sniper tribe”. Vegeta reveals that Maki and Oil tricked them into getting into trouble. Oil has heard everything and says there is no going back.

Goku wonders if they should convince Granola that Saiyans are good people. Goku replies that he will hit him first and persuade him. The Prince of the Saiyans surprises Goku when he asks if he still wants to fight this guy. Goku reveals that he hasn’t shown Granola Ultra Instinct in full force. Goku unleashes the Perfected Ultra Instinct, and Granola realizes that Goku was toying with him. With a single kick, Granola loses the eye patch and is showered with blows. Goku tells Granola that he will win the fight quickly.

Granola felt all the blows and landed on the ground. Goku tells Granola to listen and avoid a fight. Granola replies that nothing will change him to get revenge on the Saiyans. Granola tries to fight, but is no match for Goku’s new powers. Goku defeats Granola and asks him if he wants him to fix everything. Vegeta comments that it looks like Kakarrot stole the entire show after seeing Granola knocked out. Granola accepts defeat, but counterattacks Goku and stabs Goku in the chest with two fingers. The Prince of the Saiyans intervenes and comments that the tribe that will die is the Cereleans.

Release date of Chapter 74 of Dragon Ball Super

The release date for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 is July 20, 2021. Dragon Ball Super is available on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga once a month.