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Release date for Higehiro episode 6

May 6, 2021

While Yoshida was at work, he met Getou, who went on a date with him. They both open up to each other about their past. Getou was curious if Yoshida would stay with Sayu. Yoshida reveals that Sayu is a student and that nothing happens between them. He also reveals that Sayu ran away from home a few months ago. Gétou comments that what Yoshida is doing qualifies as criminal. He realizes that Sayu stayed with Yoshida without his parents knowing. But Gétou is happy that nothing happens between them. She asks him if he won’t end up falling in love with her.

Yoshida replies that he will never fall in love with a student. They return home because Yoshida has told Sayu that he will return to Getou. Sayu worries that Getou is the woman who broke Yoshida’s heart in the past. The two arrive at Yoshida’s apartment and Getou says that he is going to see who Sayu is. He opens the door and finds Sayu standing in the middle of the house. She greets her and reveals that she is Getou, who works with Yoshida. Sayu is surprised and wonders what to say.

Previously in Higehiro Episode 4

The trio sit and enjoy the snacks Getou brought out. Gétou finds it amusing that Yoshida picked up a girl from the street and stayed with her. Sayu realizes that there is another threat, as Mashina was also a threat to her after discovering that Yoshida is not in love with Mashina. Sayu wonders if Getou is going to awaken the love Yoshida had for her in his heart. Getou realizes that he was wondering how Yoshida could know about Sayu’s past. She realizes that Sayu told Yoshida about her past and that they didn’t grow up together.

Sayu wonders what to say to Getou because she doesn’t feel safe. Getou asks if Yoshida tried to do something fun with her. Sayu reveals that nothing happened and is shocked. Getou replies that Yoshida isn’t interested in young girls, and Yoshida comments that he wouldn’t do anything if he was interested. She comments that she’s not sure about that, and Yoshida says that he’s not the type of guy who watches girls and jumps. Getou laughs and says he’s joking. She notices that Sayu is looking at her.

She asks Sayu why he looks at her like that, and Sayu replies that it’s nothing. Gétou replies that it doesn’t seem like much to him. Sayu refuses to tell Gétou what she thinks and apologizes. Yoshida notices that there is something on fire between the two women. Bring out the oldest in the world: “I want to go to the bathroom.” Getou reads the play and allows Yoshida to leave. She realizes that he gives them time to settle their scores like true ladies. Yoshida left and closed the bathroom door.

It was difficult for both of them to speak, but Gétou began to speak. They decide to speak privately because Yoshida runs the risk of sticking his ears to the bathroom door. Yoshida comes out even before they start talking. Sayu asks Yoshida to allow her to speak to Getou in private. Yoshida accepts and leaves. Once in front of the door, he asks Sayu if he agrees with Getou being alone. Sayu responds that she will agree and accompanies Yoshida. Getou asks him questions about his school, his home and why he is running away from home.

Sayu reveals that she is from Hokkaido and that she is still in high school. But she refuses to say why she is running away from home. Getou accepts this and says that she wants to clarify something as Yoshida’s friend. She asks him how long he plans to stay here. Sayu didn’t give an answer. Gétou notes that it will never open. Meanwhile, Yoshida meets Mishina who arrives at her house. Mishina tried to lie, but Yoshida surprised her. The two of them go shopping together.

Mishina talks about Getou and tells Yoshida to go out with her. Yoshida is worried about Sayu. He realizes that if he goes out with Gotou, he could end up kicking Sayu out. Mishina comments that Sayu will find another place to stay. Yoshida then returns home and escorts Getou. Getou tells Yoshida that Sayu will never open up with her.

Release date for Higehiro’s sixth episode

Higehiro Episode 6 will be released on Monday, May 10, 2021 at 10:30 p.m. JST. You can watch Higehiro: After being rejected, I shaved and took an escape from online high school, Crunchyroll.