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Release date for Hige wo Soru episode 4

April 20, 2021

Based on a series of novels written by Shimesaba and illustrated by booota, “Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou ”or“ Higehiro: After being rejected I shaved and welcomed a high school runaway ”or simply“ Higehiro ”is an animated romantic comedy series. Follow the complex relationship between Yoshida, a 26-year-old Japanese employee, and a teenage girl named Sayu Ogiwara. Yoshida finds Sayu sitting under a telephone pole one night and lets her stay with him. In return, she promises to take over the household chores. The anime premiered on April 5, 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about the next episode of the series.

Release date for Hige Wo Soru episode 4

Episode 4 of “Hige wo Soru,” titled “Part-Time Work,” will air on April 26, 2021 on AT-X, Tokyo MX, and BS11. Project No.9 (‘Lower Level Character Tomozaki’) developed the series, with Dream Shift serving as producer. Manabu Kamikita led the production team, while Hitomi Mieno led the writing team. Takayuki Noguchi drew the characters and Tomoki Kikuya composed the music. DIALOGUE + sang the opening song, “Omoide Shiritori”, and Kaori Ishihara sang the closing song, “Plastic Smile”.

Where to watch Hige wo Soru season 1 online?

Viewers outside of Southeast Asia can watch original Japanese version episodes of “hige wo soru” with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and VRV on the same day they air in Japan. For viewers in Southeast and South Asia, the Muse Asia YouTube channel and several of its affiliates are ready to stream the episodes simultaneously.

Hige wo Soru Episode 4 Spoilers

In Episode 3, Sayu has a nightmare about one of the men she’s stayed with and wakes up in anguish. She still finds it difficult to accept the idea that Yoshida has helped her without expecting anything in return. That day at work, Yoshida asks Mishima to finish his work that same night. When she does, she asks him to take her to see a movie. Meanwhile, Sayu remains puzzled by Yoshida’s denials. She finishes her housework, goes out to find him, and sees Mishima hug her. In a panic, she flees. But Yoshida doesn’t realize it, he’s too busy dealing with Mishima and his daring approach to love.

When he returns home, he discovers that Sayu has disappeared. At first he believes that she has been kidnapped and immediately sets out to look for her. In a park, Sayu sits on a bench and reflects on her current situation. Mishima arrives at the park and immediately realizes that Sayu is a fugitive. They start talking, both evoking unrequited love. When Yoshida arrives looking for Sayu, the two women realize that they are talking about the same person.

Yoshida convinces Sayu that her life has changed dramatically at home since Sayu joined her. He tells her that she can stay with him as long as she wants. In episode 4, Sayu could start working at a grocery store. There she could befriend Asami Yuuki.