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Release date for episode 6 of iCarly

July 3, 2021

With the return of “iCarly” after nearly a decade, fans are eager to see Carly, Spencer, and Freddie open a new chapter in their lives. As adults, life has surely been difficult, but their dreams are still guided by one vision: to make ‘iCarly’ a success. In episode 5 of the revival series, an old enemy appears and, as expected, Carly is furious. Her anger pushes her to make a mental mistake. For more information on what is happening, you can refer to the attached summary in the summary section. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the details of ‘iCarly’ episode 6!

Release date for ICarly reboot episode 6

Episode 6 of “iCarly” will air on July 8, 2021 at 3 am at Paramount +. The first season consists of a total of 13 episodes that last 23 to 26 minutes each. The first three episodes were simulcast on the platform. Subsequently, the series released new episodes every Thursday.

Where to watch episode 6 of the iCarly reboot?

Episode 6 of ‘iCarly’ will only be available to stream on Paramount + for subscribers of the streaming service. Once you are a member of the platform, you can also access the first five episodes there.

Spoilers about iCarly Episode 6 reboot

In the sixth episode, Carly and the gang take on new avenues to keep their web show alive. She will develop new ideas to expand her fan base while the others take care of the creative department. You can also expect to see Carly and Freddie try their hand at romance, individually, of course!

ICarly Reboot Episode 5 Recap

The fifth episode is titled “iRobot Wedding.” In this episode, Carly’s nemesis Nevel Papperman returns to push her to the limit, much to the surprise of fans. To refresh your memory, Nevel was tough on Carly during her school years, and a robot-themed wedding invitation letter doesn’t make up for all the bad memories she’s caused. Instead, she is determined to get revenge by sabotaging her marriage and proving that her future wife is not truly human. If successful, Nevel will not be able to inherit his grandfather’s property after his death.

At rehearsal dinner, Millicent tries to keep Freddie from being heartbroken. The desperate romantic tries to impress a woman he meets on the spot, but the very precocious Millicent knows he’s about to wreak emotional havoc. In the process, Freddie reveals that he was married for 14 months before their marriage fell apart. As a temporary solution to all his problems, he turned to gambling and now has an irreversible debt.

Elsewhere, Harper and Spencer challenge each other to see who can get the most phone numbers from the wedding guests and, as expected, Harper wins. But at one point, he also gives his number to Spencer, hinting that they might get closer in future episodes. As the evening draws to a close, Freddie invites his ex-girlfriend Carly to dance, and during those brief moments, they comfort each other, just like old times.