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Release date for episode 4 of The Mysterious Benedict Society

July 5, 2021

The third episode of “The Mysterious Benedict Society” follows the children in their confrontation with Mr. Benedict about his identity. It is revealed that he does indeed have a twin brother named Ledroptha Curtain, contrary to what the children initially assumed. Kate wants to investigate the tower to find the origin of these mysterious messages, but her poor academic performance sabotages her plan. For a quick update on episode 3, you can browse the recap. Now, without further ado, this is what we expect from episode 4 of “The Mysterious Benedict Society”!

Release date for episode 4 of The Mysterious Benedict Society

The premiere of episode 4 of “The Mysterious Benedict Society” is scheduled for July 9, 2021 at 3 am on Disney +. The first season consists of eight episodes, scheduled to be released weekly. The first two episodes were released simultaneously, after which the series aired a new episode every Friday.

Where to watch episode 4 of The Mysterious Benedict Society?

You can watch episode 4 of “The Mysterious Benedict Society” exclusively on Disney +, with a subscription to the streaming platform. You currently have the option of purchasing a monthly subscription for $ 7.99 or paying $ 79.99 for the entire year.

Spoilers for episode 4 of The Mysterious Benedict Society

In the next episode, Mr. Curtain’s dark plans for the show may be revealed. From what we observed in the previous episode, his minions seem ready to move the mission forward under his active leadership. Elsewhere, Reynie will come up with a plan to help the kids cheat on the exam, but only if Mr. Perumal doesn’t get involved. Passing the test would guarantee Kate unlimited entry to the tower.

The Mysterious Benedict Society episode 3 recap

In the third episode titled “It Depends on the Wagon”, Reynie, Sticky, Kate and Constance try to find out what is wrong with Mr. Benedict. Although he seems to be suffering from a split personality, they quickly realize that Mr. Curtain is in fact his twin brother rather than his alter ego. Benedict tells them that they were separated at the orphanage as children and that he was adopted. Elsewhere, Kate is under heavy pressure from her institute, which could sabotage her plan to solve the case of the tower’s mysterious messages.

To enter the tower, Kate must become a messenger, which she can do by earning impeccable grades. In addition, children who fail the tests will have to drop out of the institute after their memory is erased. While the situation is not alarming, Constance and Kate are in the yellow alert zone. Therefore, they turned to Mr. Benedict to find an effective solution. But he only advises them to cheat, which annoys Reynie and Sticky, who thankfully manage to rank among the top. Reynie is even confident in her chances of being promoted to Messenger, what’s more, faster than anyone who has done it in the past.

Kate, on the other hand, isn’t ashamed to get her hands dirty if it means she can enter the tower. Your impatience is most evident when you risk receiving a written report for staying out later than the allotted time. Constance then arrives to save her. Reynie, in the end, reflects on the different ways to cheat on the test. You must also find a way to prevent Mr. Perumal (who has understood your market without your knowledge) from being turned away. Milligan manages to get hold of crucial documents at the mansion without being caught by Curtain, who, in turn, is doing well with his schedule. His twin brother, however, receives an unexpected visitor.