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Release date and time of episode 12 of Full Dive

June 18, 2021

The end is about to come and we could finally determine if there will be a season 2 for Full Dive – this latest next-gen Full Dive RPG is even more horrible than real life! The animated series based on Light Tuchihi’s light novels and Kino’s seinen manga series arrives with episode 12, so be prepared with your countdown by having the premiere date and time because what will follow will surely be huge.

Warning ! This part may contain Full Dive spoilers. Read at your own risk!

What happened in episode 11 of Full Dive?

In Full Dive episode 11, “City of Dead ends,” the Goblins have finally invaded the city, and Hiro and the other guards must do everything they can to defend it. Hiro travels to the center of the city where he fights against threats other than the invaders. He heard that the goblins were going to attack King Gaban’s mansion. Grab Tesla and see the “One Eyed” goblin that Tesla knows well.

Where to watch episode 12 of Full Dive online?

Full Dive: This latest state-of-the-art full dive RPG is even crazier than real life! The final episode will be available online for streaming on Funimation, where the English dubbed version of the anime series was recently announced and released alongside the previous episode, which is in its original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

What is the release date of episode 12 of Full Dive?

The premiere of Episode 12 of Season 1 of Full Dive, titled Reality x VR, is scheduled for June 23, 2021 for those who have the first episode of the episode, those who have a subscription of premium access on Funimation for a price of $ 5.99 per month or $ 59.99 per year. The episode will be available for free on June 30, 2021.

What is the release time of episode 12 of Full Dive?

Episode 12 of Full Dive Finale is scheduled to premiere at 10:30 p.m. JST. The departure time will depend on your geographical location. The departure time according to your location is as follows:

Pacific Time: 6:30 am PT

Central Time: 8:30 am CT

Eastern Time: 9:30 am EST

UK time: 2:30 pm BST

Can Hiro defend the city from the goblins? The head-to-head between Tesla and the one-eyed goblin is sure to be phenomenal. How do you think this series will end after its 12 episodes? Find out next week in the Full Dive finale!