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Release date and spoilers for Gossip Girl episode 4

July 23, 2021

Gossip Girl episode 4 release date and spoilers

In the span of three episodes, the “Gossip Girl” reboot not only stood out from its predecessor, it also brought a new take on the teen drama genre. The third episode of the series is a testament to a daring and imaginative storytelling. It forms a coherent narrative from the interpersonal conflicts sown by the first episode.

In this episode, some secrets are revealed as Zoya, Julien, Obie, Max, Audrey and Aki learn an important lesson about the need to be honest with yourself and with those who are dear to us. You can catch up on the episode’s dazzling drama in the recap section. For those wondering what the scandalous new gossip will be about in the next episode, here’s a look at what to expect in Gossip Girl episode 4.

Release date of episode 4 of Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Episode 4 premieres July 29, 2021 at 3 a.m. on HBO Max. The first season of the series consists of twelve episodes that will be broadcast in two sets of 6 episodes. The new episodes, which are approximately 60 minutes long, air on the streaming service every Thursday.

Where to watch Gossip Girl episode 4 online?

Episode 4 of “Gossip Girl” can be seen on HBO Max as of the date and time indicated above. You can also choose to stream new episodes of the series on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spectrum, DirecTV, and Xfinity, as long as you’ve subscribed to the HBO Max expansion.

Gossip Girl episode 4 spoilers

The fourth episode of “Gossip Girl” is titled “Fire Walks With Z” and will likely focus on Luna and Monet plotting against Zoya. Luna could pass Zoya’s secret to Gossip Girl, but it remains to be seen if Kate will decide to reveal the information. Meanwhile, Obie and Julien could try to stay friends now that Julien has turned the page. Zoya will reluctantly celebrate her birthday, and more drama could ensue at her birthday party. It seems that Max’s parents are on the brink of divorce and he may not react well to the news. Here’s a promo for episode 4!

Gossip Girl episode 3 recap

Lies Wide Shut ”is the title of episode 3 of Gossip Girl, which begins with Julien trying to turn the page on his breakup with Obie. She tries to find a new boyfriend who matches her status, but she doesn’t like any of the guys she meets. Max convinces Julien to join him on a crazy night so she can turn the page. Meanwhile, Constance Billard and Saint Judes’ teachers receive special attention because of Gossip Girl. The school administration is determined to put an end to the anonymous blogger’s activities.

Zoya is having a difficult time at school as being Obie’s girlfriend puts her under the microscope of social media. Meanwhile, Obie meets Zoya’s father and impresses him. Zoya’s father allows her to date Obie. During the evening, Julien and Max find out that their parents have kept a secret from them. Julien’s father has been knowing a woman silently for over a year, while Max’s father tries to use a dating app to cheat on her husband.

As pressure mounts from the school administration, Kate and the other teachers decide to find a scapegoat so they don’t get caught. Reema, one of her inner circle teachers, is tricked into making a post, resulting in her fired. Realizing that Julien has stopped caring about his social media presence, Luna attempts to train Zoya to replace Julien. Zoya agrees because she has had enough of the constant jokes directed at her online. Audrey and Aki hide that they were wrong about Max.

All conflicts culminate in a Broadway play. Julien reveals his father’s lies, while Max reveals his father’s intention to deceive him. Max, distraught, ends up revealing that Aki and Audrey were fooled. Zoya decides to be herself and doesn’t follow Luna’s advice. Julien receives a response from Obie after Zoya helps him realize that he is as much responsible for the breakup as Julien. Audrey and Aki decide to continue their relationship. The episode ends with Luna telling Monet that she has information on Zoya.